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Why Virtual Accounting Services?

As your business grows, there are chances that the scope of your operations and volume of your business transactions may increase as well. When expanding your business operations, you will require financial planning and additional bookkeeping assistance with reference to managing your cash resources as well as accounts receivable and accounts payable. Engaging a virtual accounting service provider for financial planning and managing your bookkeeping will not only benefit you in monetary terms as these services are cost-effective when compared to traditional methods but will also help you in providing quality financial information as and when you need. Aspects like budgeting, cost-benefit analysis, variance analysis, overhead costs, and tax payable need to be accurately calculated and made available when required.

At Push Digits, we provide quality virtual accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation services to sole proprietors, partnerships, and companies existing all around the world. Our virtual accounting solutions are not only reliable but also cost-effective and irrespective of the industry in which you operate, our accounting packages are customized to meet the requirements of all types of business entities operating in different industries. We charge competitive and reasonable fees to our clients based on the volume of work that is required to be performed for the client entity.

We have employed experienced accounting and tax professionals who can easily handle your accounting and tax operations so that you can entirely focus on your core business activities.

Online Bookkeeping Services

Access the expertise you need to handle the financial part of your business. Every client is unique, so we take great pride in ourselves on having the ability to offer customized bookkeeping services that are designed to meet every client’s needs and requirements.

Our virtual bookkeeping function provides you with more than the benefits associated with an in-house accountant without bearing the cost of a full-time employee. Our bookkeeping services include the following:

• Setting up an entity’s chart of accounts
• Recording vendor invoices
• Managing payments to vendors
• Invoicing for goods or services
• Recording receipts from customers
• Preparation of customers’ account statements
• Preparation of vendors’ account statements
• Preparation of credit or debit notes
• Processing employees’ payslips
• Setting up of bank accounts with details into the accounting software
• Recording depreciation and other adjusting entries
• Month-end and year-end closing entries
• Monthly receivable and payable aged analysis
• Monthly cash flows forecasting and reporting
• Preparation of monthly bank statements reconciliation
• Matching of invoices with the ledgers as well as journal entries
• Credit card reconciliation with your statement records
• Detailed general ledger reports
• Fixed assets account management
• VAT calculations, recording, and reporting to FTA

Accounting and Management Reporting

Having a clear picture with regards to your Company’s current financial position is important for making timely and accurate business decisions. Outsource your accounting function to us and in return receive useful reports regarding any financial indicator that could potentially impact your next move.

Our accounting and management reporting services include the following:

• Accounting Books cleanup
• Preparing financial statements
• Year-end adjustments
• Financial analysis
• Variance analysis
• Cash flows statement & budgeting
• Management reporting
• Monthly, quarterly, & year-end reviews
• Job costing & profitability
• Financial ratio analysis

Virtual Tax Return Preparation Services

A number of small and medium-sized entities and tax firms struggle with time when it comes to preparing and filing tax returns during the busy tax season. Push Digits can assist you and your company in preparing your tax return at the time of an extremely busy tax season. By outsourcing your tax preparation services to us you can free up your resources to focus on providing your customers with high-end solutions.

How do we prepare a Tax / VAT return?

We examine the client entity’s balance sheet and other related data and classify all items appropriately before we commence the preparation of the client entity’s VAT return. While processing and preparing the client entity’s VAT return, we analyze and interpret the client’s profit and loss, in addition to treatment for different transactions according to the rules and regulations issued by FTA. Before the preparation of the tax return, we communicate our observations and comments to you.

We scrutinize the tax-related information closely before using it for preparing the client entity’s tax returns. Following analysis of the information received from the client entity, we audit the information to make sure that it is correctly accounted for and entered into the entity’s accounting software.

After that, we send the returns prepared by our tax professionals back to you along with our comments and observations.

When you receive the tax return, you can modify, review, and then finalize the information as required and send the VAT Return back to us. We then update the tax file and send a final copy to you before filing.

The Takeaway

When our clients’ objective is to save significant costs, save human resources for other useful work, and delegate the accounting and bookkeeping tasks to a trusted Firm of Accountants, Tax Consultants and Auditors then Push Digits is the only Firm which can provide maximum value for your money spent.

With virtual accounting, bookkeeping, and VAT consultancy, we bother you the least while obtaining all the required details and information online through emails and shared folders. Technology and clouds based accounting systems have made it all possible to accelerate our Firm’s strengths to provide you with the best satisfactory services virtually wherever you are in the world.

In the end, Push Digits is the only real choice when you seek expertise, experience, and economy all in the same place. Speak to us today and let us get you on the way to improved financial reporting.

We would love to speak to you and find the best way to serve you and your company’s accounting needs!



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