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Sage50 Premium Accounting software (previously known as Peach tree Premium Accounting software) is an all-inclusive accounting program with a full list of features. Among the features are: sequential inventory; advanced budgeting functions; and the ability to group company consolidations. These valuable features are included in addition to the expected functions of any accounting software such as access to editable financial reports and statements. Even if your current software appears adequate, Sage50 Premium Accounting includes tools and functions might be unaware of. Regardless of your business type the Premium version can improve your accounting operations. Few of the most coveted features of Premium version includes: sequential inventory items, group company consolidations, and terminal services’ support.

The software also incorporates modules like Crystal Reports, Fixed Assets, Job Cost, Bank Reconciliation, Payroll, Purchase Order, Sales Order, Inventory, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger.


Ready-made Crystal Reports:
Crystal Reports is an stand-alone report writing software widely used by several database programs to facilitate report writing. Sage 50 Premium version and higher versions, offer direct access to built-in Crystal Reports functionality. Crystal Reports is a powerful tool but it has a steep learning curve for a new user. However Sage 50 not only trains the user for Crystal Reports but also can write the reports directly.

Multiple financial statement presentation:
Sage 50 allows its users to present financial information in different formats, ranging from individual reports to constructing a single combined report for a parent company with several companies under it.

Variety of Budget display:
While other versions let the user enter budgeting details, the premium version stores budget details in different forms which are especially useful for a comparative analysis during budget forecasting.

Payroll history:
The feature maintains a history of employee payrolls, which can help track their salary changes. This feature can be accessed through Maintain Employees tool.

Sequential Inventory:
Sage 50 comes with a feature called “specific unit inventory”. This allows the sequential listing of inventory items.

Archive Company:
The feature keeps a non editable history of company data that can be useful after closing the year.

Departmental Financial Statement:
The feature allows departments to produce separate financial statements. Similar reports can however be made with Sage 50 Pro version, but Premium version helps you do it without any prior knowledge of department masking in the financial statement designer. The premium version provides a tool for categorizing accounts while making General Ledger accounts, and then selects the department prior printing the financial statements.

Vendor Reference Numbers:
Maintain Inventory Item screen in Premium version comes with an extra field that helps you record the vendor’s reference number for every item. This allows the user to access important vendor-related documents (including inventory reports, quotes, purchase orders, sales orders, credit memos, invoices, payments or receipts) quoting vendor reference number instead of company’s item Id.

This is a variant of “quote”. The feature allows the user to invoice the complete proposal, a part of it or a set percentage of every line of the proposal. Also the user can send invoices in portions and track them until the complete invoice is billed.

Broadcast Invoicing:
It provides the ability to issue identical invoices to multiple customers simultaneously. This feature is especially useful when billing overdue accounts or service contracts for the same payable amount.

System Requirements:

Minimum System Requirements –  0.4 Gigahertz processor minimum for multiple and single users

–  1 Gigabyte (GB) of Random Access Memory (RAM) for single user and 2 Gigabyte minimum for several users

Suggested System Configuration


–  2.0 Gigahertz processor for multiple and single users

–  1 Gigabyte of RAM for  single users and 2 Gigabyte RAM for multiple users

–  Compatible with all versions of Windows including but not limited to: Windows XP with SP3 or above; Windows Vista with SP1 and Windows 7

–  1 Gigabyte (GB) of hard disk space required for installation. And extra 1 GB of space is requisite for installation of network server

–  Internet Explorer 7.0 is required however its supports Internet Explorer 8.0 and 9.0

Compatibility/Integration Requirements –  Outlook, Excel and MS Word integration needs Outlook, Microsoft Excel and MS Word with versions 2003 and above

–  Outlook Synchronization is supported in Exchange 2000-SP2 and higher versions

–  All printers which are supported by Windows including Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7

–  Adobe Flash-Player is required for In-product demos

–  Adobe Acrobat Reader version 9.0 is required

Multi-User –  Multiple users are supported

–  Multi-user Mode works best with Windows Server including 2003 and 2008 and networks for client-server,

–  It only allows a max of 5 licensed users

Other License Agreement’s Acceptance and Customer registration for Sage50 Software Products

The Pros and the cons:

Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2015 comes with three support cases. Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2015 (also known as Sage Peachtree Premium Accounting) is highly recommended for all business types. The product has three versions available: single user, three users and five users. The version choices allow an optimum use of product as according to your business activities.

Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2015 is very well equipped to handle the financial matters of any type of business. The features are well designed to ensure a superlative business performance, assisting in tasks like advanced budgeting and multiple company consolidations. Sage 50 Premium Accounting has an added feature “serialized inventory” and provides access to 140 plus editable financial statements and reports. It is a most comprehensive software, making advanced accounting a piece of cake for any industry.

• The software is well equipped with strong inventory (Average, or Specific ID, LIFO and FIFO), general ledger, job costing and other financial reporting tools with an easy-to-use interface.
• Sage 50 provides a very comprehensive suite of reporting tools. The program’s debit-card support, support for ODBC/OLEDB, included report customization tools, and an option for Sage Intelligence reporting in Excel Pivot Tables makes it a very sought after tool for experienced users making custom reports.
• The software have a wide range of plug-ins, linked services and commercial hosting partners making it customizable to meet business requirements.


Potential drawbacks:
• None of the US versions support different currencies or multiple warehouse locations
• Sage 50 Premium is compatible with Windows operating system but not Linux and Mac OS (at this time).

Best Fit:
Though Sage 50 Premium is compatible with any business type, it is best suited for a medium sized company with an accounting department. The software also has multiple options in inventory and report making tools for experienced users. The product is highly recommended for businesses looking for a more in depth accounting and reporting product, The various add-ons, well-designed templates and a stronger debit-card support provide users with powerful tools for properly managing their small businesses.

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