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Retail Point of Sale (POS) Software Dubai, UAE – Tally Shoper 9

Tally Solutions offers a suite of accounting software packages configured to meet the specific requirements of several business sizes and types. The company claims a global customer base in excess of one million customers. Tally Shoper 9 is a specialized version of the widely popular Tally accounting software. It is focused on retail-centered businesses and includes features that make managing a retail enterprise much simpler. Franchise operations are also fully supported. There are two versions: Shoper 9 POS and Shoper 9 HO. The POS version is intended for use at a single store location while the HO version enables centralized management of several retail locations. Together these two versions provide several features to enhance enterprise-level retail business management.

Shoper 9 HO centralizes reporting and control and provides common SKU numbering that can be flowed to POS locations. Local POS locations each maintain a separate database while HO also maintains copies of the POS databases. Disaster data recovery is simplified. Depending on local connectivity, each store can manage data synchronization or HO can manage and schedule synchronization.

Business decisions are made using data and reports available from the HO location. Over 100 pre-configured reports are included. New stores can be brought online rapidly with saved templates and configurations that can be deployed at the new store. All master data will be available from the HO installation.

Database management is handled from the HO location including data backups, database tuning and SQL operations. In the event of a store data failure, HO data is available to the store and re-synchronization is possible.

Shoper 9 POS has two flavors: Distributor and Retail. The Retail version is intended for stores or showrooms selling products or services on a cash and carry basis. The Distributor version works for warehousing sites delivering goods to retailers for cash or credit. Both flavors can connect to centralized management running the Shoper 9 HO application.

All the functions expected of a Point-of-sale manager are available in Shoper 9 POS. Sales counter operations are sped up by a user friendly billing system allowing more efficient customer through-put. A number of retail report formats are included. Inventory management is local with asynchronous backup to the HO site. Funds transfers to HO are verified with printed pay-in slips. Serial number tracking is supported as is Serial number configuration. User level access control keeps confidential data hidden from unauthorized eyes.

Features of Tally Shoper 9 (this list includes both HO and POS versions):
• Enhancements to data synchronization provide seamless integration with Tally ERP. This makes the financial tools and statutory support of Tally ERP available to the Shoper 9 users
• Shoper 9 supports the full purchase cycle
• There is a built-in bar code label designer
• The installer allows custom code deployment
• There are live updates that also support custom code
• All the extendability, integrate-ability and customizability that Tally is famous for is part of the Shoper 9 packages.
• Reports in the HO version can be in grid form for Microsoft Excel access
• Hundreds of thousands of item codes are processed seamlessly
• Thousands of stock queries involving hundreds of stores are not a problem. This keeps prices, stock updates, and promotional events up-to-date. Other business functions have access to current data.
• Item numbering meets GSI standards based on GTIN (Global Trade Identification Number) for international business operations.
• Advanced users can configure specific alerts for various functionalities. When a user accesses an alerted function, the alerts can be delivered as special instructions to the user in a message box, balloon tip, SMS or email. This is valuable to remind users of price revisions or effect dates.
• As a retail tool, Shoper 9 can track receipts, payments and cash-in-the-till details as well as settle all payments.
• Inventory support lets the user record and monitor a huge number of transactions across multiple stores. Stock-out are practically eliminated. Sales records can quickly highlight poorly performing locations or booming markets.
• As a Point of Sale tool, Shoper 9 makes the sales counter much more efficient.
• Voluminous data can be segregated into categories. These catalog categories can be configured
for statutory requirements, production details, tax details, customers, sales persons, vendors or any other relevant details.
• Data synchronization is easily scheduled as required to minimize bandwidth requirements if needed.
• A single replication database can handle 100 showrooms or 50 franchise locations. This eliminates redundancy, data corruption and multiple backups. The database functions can be automated to handle large data volumes
• Shoper 9 supports returning multiple invoices in a single document. This can be helpful to online retailers of businesses processing a large number of exchanges or returns. This makes maintaining inventory much easier and invoice changes are simplified.

This list covers only a portion of the features available in Tally Shoper 9. Contact us to get you own Tally demonstration.

Tally Shoper 9 is the right accounting/business management package for your business whether you operate a single retail store, an online retail operation or a widespread group of franchise retail stores.


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