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Since initial release, the family of QuickBooks products has grown. The newest and most sophisticated member of the family is QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Version 13.0 (this is the 2013 version ). It is visually identical to other versions of the QuickBooks family. That means it has the same user interface with simple language and intuitive navigational tools to help non-accountants with the accounting process.

Quick Book Enterprise Solutions includes all the features of QuickBooks Premier editions, plus it incorporates additional functions to assist users in growing their business. The added features include:

Customizable Reporting: Users can now access all of their QuickBooks data and view the data in custom configured reports. This feature helps the user uncover hidden insights of their business.
Revised Privacy Policies allow setting data access levels for individual users, limiting data exposure
• Depending on purchased license, up to 30 separate users can access the software at one time and the software now supports Linux servers as well as Windows Terminal Services.
• The Enterprise version now detects overdue customers and enables users to stop selling to them
• A quick review of Business status is available with just a single click on the home page .
Revised Inventory Stock Status Report: the Enterprise version hides the stocks which have reorder quantity of zero.
• The increased security options allow admin-level users to restrict certain users from accessing certain options.

The software provides maximum productivity, encouraging working smarter instead of harder. Once a businesses integrates the software into their administrative process, they will recognize how efficient and effective it is for daily tasks and business growth. With its new superlative features, the advantages of QuickBooks Enterprise 13.0 are obvious. The latest version has sharpened its focus on:

Customization: aiming at providing quick access to frequent tasks and efficient discovery of any tools, functions and information within the software
Effective Inventory Processing speeds up inventory tasks and promotes increased accuracy. Inventory tools include: bill printing, greater list limits, Auto PO, Bin Location Tracking, Bar-code scanning and other advanced functions.

In this version Intuit delivers remarkable changes in Customization. The user interface has a familiar look and feel while adding some new features including:

1. Latest Ribbon Toolbar (on top of sales form) displays frequently used actions including Customer History, option to save files in PDF format, Voids etc. This is especially useful for new users, helping them avoid looking for the right “action” in different menu options.
2. Vendor and Customer Center Customization lets the user decide on amount and type of information they want to store about customers and vendors. This includes fax numbers, and emails as well as Twitter accounts and Facebook Pages.
3. Introducing Tab Functionality: The feature store the to-do lists, any notes, contacts and transactions. This provides ease of reference as well as quick access to key information.
4. Editable Left Toolbar: This allows user to save all important shortcuts at one place including transactions and reports.

Further improvements were introduced, to help save the users valuable time:

• A new feature allows adding recently opened as well as saved reports on home page, providing a quick access for later use.
• To speed up the approval process and to check for errors, you can preview bills before printing.
• The software can now, automate the processing of expenses and billable time
• A new option Auto PO is an automated tool which creates Purchase orders for any item below a specified amount. This speeds up purchasing and helps keep inventory current for improved work-flow.
• An often requested feature: Default Classes assigns a defined default class to expenses or named accounts. This speeds up data entry and improves accuracy.
• The list limit has also been increased, allowing a larger historical database and bigger QuickBooks Files.

Additional features in Advanced Inventory include:
• “Bin Location Tracking”, inventory management is easier and faster thanks to multiple inventory sites with recorded Bin numbers. The software can sort Pick Lists according to the location improving order filling efficiency.
Barcode Scanning is a very valuable feature making inventory processing even faster. It has wide range compatibility with most USB bar code scanners and it can print new barcodes as required. This speeds up shipping and receiving. The most valuable advantage is elimination of typographical errors.

System Requirement:

Operating systems supported QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is compatible with almost all Windows versions including: Windows 8, 7 and Vista. (For Windows Vista and Windows XP SP2 or later is required) Windows Server 2008 and Small Business Server 2008, and Windows Server 2003 all editions including 64-bit.
Hardware and operating system requirements (client and server) · Client:

o 2.0 Gigahertz Processor minimum however 2.4 Gigahertz is recommended
o 1 GB RAM for single user and 2 GB RAM is recommended for multiple users

· Server:
o 2.0 Gigahertz Processor (1.2 GHz for Linux operating system) minimum and 2.4 GHz is recommended (2.0 GHz for Linux operating system)
o 1 GB RAM minimum to run the software however 2 GB RAM is recommended for optimum use – Server

· 4x CD-ROM drive required for CD installation

· Minimum network requirements o 100 Mbps – Network Card
o 100 Mbps – Router or Switch
o 40 Mbps – Network Bandwidth
Firewall and anti-virus software compatibility · QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is compatible with almost all the of the Windows Firewall versions including: Windows 8, 7 and Vista (all editions)
· Norton 360, Internet Security and Symantec Norton Anti Virus and many more.

The Pros and the Cons

QuickBooks is flexible and accommodating for growing businesses. The software has 14 predefined user roles and can be configured for 1 to 30 users easily. With huge database capacity of up to a million records users can track all items, customers and vendors.

Adroit with inventory, payments, accounting, payrolls and much more, QuickBooks can be your best accounting assistant. With a few clicks you can gain valuable insight into your business’s hidden opportunities.

QuickBooks’ most popular feature: Advanced Reporting allows fully customizable reports according to the your requirements.

QuickBooks cloud-based hosting service, provides maximum productivity by making the data available at anytime, anyplace. This provides freedom of mobility for different users while keeping all information up to date at a single place.

QuickBooks Enterprise 13.0 increases workplace productivity, doing the hard work faster and with a smaller workforce. It liberates business owners and managers from the drudgery of accounts on sheets of paper. The accounting process becomes totally digital; much easier and with reduced errors. For all these benefits and much more QuickBooks is highly recommended for any small to medium sized business.

The recent features include an advanced inventory management, which means:

1. Multiple inventory locations are supported
2. Improved Inventory Receiving, separating the receiving process from accounts payable process
3. Ability to track lots
4. Inventory Valuation using FIFO method in compliance with GAAP
5. The user can access two companies at a time
6. batch invoicing
7. integration with Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo

Possible security hazard exists as customers’ mission critical and confidential data exists at the ASP’s location or hosting provider’s location off-site. Additional security methods may be required With conventional software license charges declining, the hosting cost becomes expensive over the long-term period.

To date, hosting offers small or at times no support at all for software integration, customizations or modifications in the key-legacy system.

Less control rests with the users over deployment and infrastructure and largely depends on the service provider for the prioritization and quality of IT services.

QuickBooks Enterprise host many features which gives it an edge over its Premier or Pro version. Including:

• Vigorous networking with capability to handle 5 to users at a time
• Increased user control, with about 115 customizable sets of controls. These can be further enabled or disabled as according to each users’ requirement.
• Increased limit of items and names that can be added.
• Empowering the user, with its editable custom fields, making the software adaptable to individual requirements.
• Built in location-free features allow accessing the software just about anytime and from anywhere in the world
• Optional automatic software updates and Advanced Inventory upgrades.
• Access to the Full Service Plan with US-based technical support and annual upgrades

However users have restricted control over the software and hardware upgrades when the software is hosted remotely (SaaS). Support costs and monthly charges per user are often applied by the hosting company.

Suitable Business Sectors for QuickBooks Enterprise
QuickBooks Enterprise is very recommendable software which simplifies all the accounting procedures. It’s an absolute essential for a growing business and valuable for stable businesses, irrespective of business sectors. QuickBooks Enterprise is equally good for manufacturing, retail, non-profit and contracting businesses. Its huge array of customizable options allows user to alter it according to their individual requirements.

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