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Real Estate Accounting in UAE

Proper Accounting lets you Stay on Task!

PushDigits Chartered Accountants is the real estate auditing, bookkeeping, and accounting company of choice in Dubai, and all other Emirates of the UAE.  People and businesses, whether they are individuals, an SME, or a Corporate Giant, know they can count on our 20+ years of experience in the UAE.  We have over 3,000 clients, all of whom are happy to tell you about our personalised, accurate, and timely services.

You’ll benefit from our Chartered Accountants who are the cream of the crop, from all over the world, bringing international experience that you can’t find anywhere else.  Our people have dealt with realty issues from the toughest jurisdictions on the planet, so we’re more than capable of dealing with the day-to-day requirements of your activities in Dubai!

The Art of Real Estate Accounting

The most important aspect of all Real Estate bookkeeping and accountancy is accuracy.  You need to have Commission splitting down to a science, and your record keeping must be absolutely faultless. You want customised reporting, too, such as reports of cost per agent, cost per seat, cost per deal, and so much more.

Here are our top objectives for getting you the precise outcomes necessary to keep your business running at top efficiency.

  • Proper record keeping of sales, rentals, expenses, and other transactions, through the accounting software;
  • Recording invoices & bills
  • Recording payments & receipts
  • On-time monthly commission preparation & processing at the cut-off period;
  • Commission-splitting into the appropriate segments, including:
    • Sales;
    • Leasing;
    • Off-plans;
    • Property management;
    • Holiday rentals, et al.
  • Recording of accruals and prepayments;
  • Transaction recording for other advances and liabilities based on Management reporting;
  • Accurate recording of Employees Payroll in accounting software;
  • Deliver a comprehensive Executive Summary of Payroll for Management approval, each period;
  • Process salaries & commissions safely through Wages Protection System (WPS) each month;
  • Reconciliation of books of accounts with bank statements;
  • Capitalization of fixed and intangible assets in the accounting software;
  • Calculating and recording depreciation/amortization of goods & equipment;
  • General Ledger maintenance per Company’s Chart of Accounts;
  • VAT calculation & account maintenance per VAT regulations;
  • On-time filing of VAT returns; and
  • Any other related accounting & bookkeeping tasks.

What We Deliver

  • VAT Compliancy
  • Proper Management Reporting, including:
    • Balance Sheet;
    • Income Statement;
    • Equity Statement;
    • Cash Flow Statement;
    • Payables & Receivables Reporting;
  • Performance Reports for Management
    • Cost per seat analysis
    • Marketing sources analysis
    • Leads performance analysis
    • Top agents and brokers analysis
    • Short term and long term cash flow projections

Customised Service

When you need accounting for real estate brokers/agents in the UAE, you cannot do better than PushDigits Chartered Accountants.  Subject to your needs, one of our Dubai real estate Accounting & Bookkeeping and/or Auditing Experts will meet with you to discuss your business needs in detail.  We’ll learn about you and your specific requirements so we can efficiently and expertly provide every service that you need.

Furthermore, we promise a 30 minute response time from one of our Audit Partners regarding any query.  We can help you troubleshoot issues in your accounting practices, making it much easier to close the books for proper reporting. We’ll even help you understand weaknesses in your own system and provide risk assessment so you can protect your customers’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII), giving them better security, and lowering your legal exposure.

To make life even easier, we provide onsite training to your staff for using the provided software.  They will learn about reporting requirements for real estate bookkeeping, accounting, and audits, so it is readily available to enhance the reporting process.  They will understand which information and forms are essential for an expeditious year-end audit, so it is fast, efficient, and cost-effective.

The Takeaway

Whether it’s holiday rentals, property sales, or leases for residential or business, PushDigits is your Accounting, Bookkeeping, Auditing, and VAT Reporting firm of choice in Dubai, and throughout the UAE.  We’re the experts that all your competitors rely upon, not only because we are great at our jobs, but because we are also extraordinarily economical, too.

We are part of many professional networks such as the CFO Conference in UAE, Entrepreneur conferences and group meetings, events organized by ACCA, AAA, and other professional bodies.  All of this keeps us up to date with the industry and country’s environment and legal requirements.

Aside from having experienced chartered accountants for every industry (e.g. banks, trading, manufacturing, investments, real estate, owners associations in Dubai, consulting, services, petroleum, e-commerce, and marketing), we also have our professional ethics and code of conduct, which is the core value of our business. People and businesses respect PushDigits for our indisputable integrity, and you will, too.

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