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QuickBooks Online Dealer in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi – UAE

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QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based small business accounting and management software package from Intuit. QuickBooks is a widely popular package with several versions configured for specific business sectors and business sizes. The cloud-based offering provides a completely secure data storage that is always accessible and always up to date. Intuit made sure to include the award-winning interface that made QuickBooks one of the most popular small-business accounting packages in the world.

With just a few clicks, QuickBooks Online users can create invoices with professional appearance. Customer payments and bills paid are easily tracked. Checks (both written and received) are tracked along with credit card payments. Users can access customer information with iPad, iPhone or Android devices with automatic data synchronization. Accountants and bookkeepers are always quickly available. QuickBooks Online can be adjusted to fit your business requirements with a wide variety of compatible small business apps.

QuickBooks Online Features:
There are two versions available – Essentials and Plus. Most features are the same between the two versions. The differences are described in this list:

• The Essentials version supports up to 3 concurrent online users. The Plus version supports up to 5
• Free access for up to 2 accountants (both versions)
• Essentials has 55 built-in business reports. Plus has over 80
• Both versions can track your income and expenses
• Bank and credit card transactions are downloadable in both versions
• Your data is accessible online with PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone
• Both versions let you manage and pay bills
• You always have control over what your users can access
• Online Data backups are automatic
• Excel import and export is supported
• Your QuickBooks desktop data is easily imported
• Top level encryption and security equal to banks
• Recurring invoices can be set up as automatic
• Bills and payments can be scheduled for later
• Your profitability can be compared to industry trends
• Purchase orders can be created and sent
• Inventory tracking is available
• 1099 forms can be printed
• Income and expenses can be classified and tracked by class
• Budgets can be used to forecast future expenses and income
• Employees can be provided access to their pay history and time-off
• Billable hours tracked by customer
• W-2 employees can be paid and payroll taxes filed
• Unlimited monthly payroll
• Direct deposit is free
• Federal and state payroll taxes are automatically calculated
• With a small fee QuickBooks Payments can be enabled
• For U.S. Clients, U.S. Based experts can help with set up
• Previous payroll data can be imported with help from QuickBooks experts
• QuickBooks guarantees no tax penalties
• Your data and your clients data will always be synchronized
• You can access client data with just one click – anywhere
• If one client signs up for QuickBooks Online you will get QuickBooks Online Accountant free
• You will have access to clients’ QuickBooks Online files with custom reports from QuickBooks Online Accountants

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