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QuickBooks for Mac is an excellent accounting assistant like no other. Built specifically for Mac OS users, it can store your entire financial database at one place. Allowing you to sift through important information, create professional invoices and keep a track of sales and business expenses. QuickBooks for Mac is also a valuable tax assistant that can produce absolutely reliable records to make tax time less stressful.

• QuickBooks for Mac 2013 is built by the Mac users, especially for Mac users. The software incorporates Mac’s crucial planning tools like iCal. It can import your address book for integration with QuickBooks. Updating the contact information on your Mac will automatically update the QuickBooks’ contact list. One very important feature is that QuickBooks uses your Mac user interface layout. Navigating QuickBooks for Mac will be completely familiar to Mac users.

• QuickBooks for Mac is easy to initiate, set up, learn, work on and use. You will easily and quickly initiate a company profile. To make the setup process simpler there is always assistance just a click or touch away. A variety of helpful tutorials is always right at hand when you are setting up your company.

• Tracking expenses? There is no better way of doing it than QuickBooks for Mac. It allows creating multiple invoices, keeping records of payers, payments and due dates. Users can now download any record of transaction made via credit card or bank, and add the information to the huge available database.

• Want your all financial data in a single place? QuickBooks for Mac can do that, faithfully compiling and organizing your financial figures in user configurable categories. You will have the option to track any transaction later in Transaction Centers, Vendors or Customers category. You are completely free to add or edit information in each set category, for example in Customer Center, you can add or edit customer related contact info including, billing address, company name and phone number etc.

• Thinking of making a business related decision? QuickBooks for Mac can quickly and easily create a Company Snapshot. Now you can, in just a few clicks, see annual performance of your business, expense or income trends and significant customer data. To relieve the boredom of standard financial reports QuickBooks for Mac has witty graphics available. You can choose from 115 plus customizable reports, each helping to analyze your business from newer and more innovative angles.

• QuickBooks for Mac uses cutting edge technology to make your invoices both more professional and personalized. You can look more professional by customizing the invoices options, adding logo, changing the font, its size and color too.

• The QuickBooks for Mac interface will be familiar to regular Mac users. You can, at any time, log hours (time), bill your clients and connect expenses to the invoices. What more? It’s not only quick, it’s accurate too.

System Requirements:
Anti-virus software and Firewall compatibility:

• Firewall – Windows 7 Firewall – Windows Vista Firewall – Windows XP
• Norton 360 Internet Security and Symantec Norton Anti Virus
• Total Protection, McAfee Virus Scan Plus and Internet Security

Because the Mac development path is completely separate from the Windows development path QuickBooks for Mac has not fully kept up with the standards and features of QuickBooks Windows Version. However it is invaluable for its primary bookkeeping features. Further, if working on similar visual interface as Mac is your main concern, QuickBooks Mac is a must-have for you.

The price falls somewhere under $250 (year 2013). Additional options are available if users want to include advanced services like Payrolls in QuickBooks. The optional features are cloud-based and not physically present on the hard drive. This means that you could have limited control over its functionality; making it difficult for user to suspend payroll taxes via QuickBooks. If this is a prime concern to business, it is highly recommended that the users use QuickBooks Windows Version instead. If you elect to add the cloud-based Payroll option you must be especially careful in spelling the employee information correctly and same on both the QuickBooks Payroll and QuickBooks for Mac to avoid complications.

The Pros and the Cons:

Pros Cons
The data saved on QuickBooks for Mac is “good to go” and compatible with both Mac and Windows Version. Meaning all users in business can easily access the database, irrespective of whether it was framed in Mac or windows version. The yearly upgrades can be costly and sometimes worthless, since updates rarely introduce any innovative features.
QuickBooks for Mac has a unique feature called “Transaction Center”, a single screen displaying all transaction records in neat categories.  It’s a feature unique to QuickBooks for Mac. Unlike its Windows Version, QuickBooks for Mac doesn’t allow accountant to make any alternation or add changes to preexistent file.
Doesn’t provide remote access.
Lacks Integrated Payroll feature. Though it is available for purchase “in the cloud”, it comes with its own restrictions.
QuickBooks for Mac cannot work with multiple currency
QuickBooks for Mac cannot work with different metric or measurement units.

Suitable Business Sectors for QuickBooks for Mac:

It is an excellent choice for small businesses with basic accounting requirements. It can be installed for several users networked together.  All essential accounting features are available in QuickBooks for Mac. The integrated System of job costing is sufficient for most companies excluding contractors. However, if your company desires a more completely integrated payroll system; your inventory requirements are complex or If your company has users that are mobile and present in various locations then you might try other available solutions.

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