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Workshop Launched in Dubai to Promote Business Opportunities for Expo 2020

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The workshop for Expo 2020 will point out some of the steps which are taken to guarantee the transparency of the obtainment process of Expo 2020. Expo 2020 has launched one of their new events called BusinessConnect, which is six-months long in duration and is supposed to include multiple meetings and workshops which are aimed at increasing the awareness about the current opportunities in business. The Expo 2020 workshop was inaugurated by Raem Al Hashimi, who is the director general of Dubai Bureau. The workshop will also include some of the dialogues introducing some of the regional, national, and global sectors that the committee has been involved with in this year.

Al Hashimi said that the UAE and Dubai are already the second home of many enterprises all over the world. Expo will not only provide new opportunities for these enterprises, but will also open doors for many others worldwide. The main theme of Expo is to offer more opportunities to as many enterprises as possible so that they can all work together towards their objectives of achieving greater sustainability and mobility.

The aim of Expo is to work, to gather, and to inspire more young people to join in on the legacy and to continue to promote the event and spread inspiration, engagement, and encouragement throughout the nation so that mire young people continue to get inspired enough to build a sustainable future for the country and its people. The Expo committee also said that they will try to use these workshops to clarify their efforts and actions to make the procurement process as transparent as possible.

E-sourcing, the new portal of Expo 2020, is the main means of entrance for all those businesses that are willing to work with the committee. All the recent developments of the committee will be posted here online, and tenders will get to communicate with each other with the help of this online portal.

The main exhibition site of Expo, which is currently under construction, is said to be able to hold approximately 300,000 visitors at once! Dubai has been signing off the construction deals on this, but the final announcement is yet to be made. A US-based company called Parsons has recently announced that they are in charge of creating the design for the infrastructure of the Expo 2020 site in Dubai and also for supervising the rest of the construction work. To sum it up, Parsons is the main company responsible for managing, designing, monitoring, and delivering the whole infrastructure of the building.

Some of the other jobs regarding the site-construction include the tender to build the district of DTC Jebel Ali Master, which is going to be held by a US-based consortium called CH2M Hill and a UK-based company called Mace. The contract for creating the design of the venue was handed to another US-based architect called HOK and to an engineering firm which goes by the name of Arup.


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