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Welcome CNN: New Studio in Dubai Media City

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CNN, the world-known US broadcasting network, opens a new high-tech studio in Dubai. This is an effort to build a better presence on Middle East and capture local talent through attractive internship programmes. On this article we are going to cover all important aspects regarding the strategic move by CNN for strengthening its presence is this part of the world.

The launch of this new studio has been done on the same of its Arabic launching, commemorating its 14th anniversary.

With this new central CNN has plans for adding more Dubai-related content, as well as airing news much faster thanks to state-of-the-art technology.

This new studio is considered hi-tech for a fair reason: it features a unique system known as Global Control.  This system is a revolution, because it allows all CNN control rooms around the world to take command of the studio at any given moment, with the possibility to operate it remotely.

This facility will be used by CNN Arabic to host interviews amongst other activities which include video content. But at the same time CNN will be allowed to use this same facility for programming and news.

CNN is looking for talent. They are embarked on a mission for capturing local television talent, which they want to attract with their unique-of-its-kind internship programmes.

This is a clear move by CNN whose goal is to build a strong presence in Middle East, being Dubai the perfect location for their new studio.

CNN already has presence here, but this new addition is a strategic movement which is going to bring results in the long term. Important to note that this US broadcasting network has launched CNN Arabic in 2002, which was followed in 2009 by the launch of the network’s Abu Dhabi bureau.

Apart from this modern system known as Global Control, according to Caroline Faraj, CNN vice president of Arabic Services, this new studio is equipped with state-of-the-art broadcasting technology, which is going to bring CNN a completely new dimension to their digital operations on this part of the world.

This new CNN studio apart from building a stronger presence in Middle East, is going to help interns with their internship programmes, by which they will be also to work with the most modern broadcasting technology — a unique opportunity now brought by CNN.


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