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Union Co-op Announces 70% Discount on 1,000 Items for Ramadan

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The 36-day offer has started. Union Co-op publicized a set budget of AED 50 million, with discounts and decreased pricing on over a thousand products for the upcoming holy month of Ramadan.

The sales chain further mentioned its ‘Happy Ramadan’ offer, which will be starting on Thursday. This one will have discounts of up to 70% for both non-food products and food items.

The company further predicts a sales goal of AED 500 million for Ramadan.

The General Manager, Khalid Humaid bin Diban AlFalasi, stated that they will be running three different offers during the month of Ramadan: a single-day offer on ‘Zayed Day’ which is the 19th of the month, another offer will be on-going for 36 days, and a third will be exclusively for the last ten days. They have planned out AED 50 million for all promotions related to Ramadan this year, which is double that of the previous year.

In the beginning, they will set out an AED 25 million goal which will be applied to a thousand products, 10 percent of which will be for non-food products and a whooping 90 percent for food items. After these 10 days, depending on the remaining supplies, the discount may be extended up to AED 50 million, which will be as far as they will go.

The company is expecting a rise in sales during Ramadan. AlFalasi stated that in the previous year, Ramadan helped to bring in AED 450 million worth of income, and they are expecting it to go up by AED 50 million.

Products, such as meat, chicken, rice, vegetable, sugar, oil, milk, etc. will either be sold at discounted prices or sold in bulk offers, with prices being dropped up to 70% for certain products.

For those who might be interested, Vimto is not going to be putting up an offer. However, a retailed product, which is sold at AED 6.50, will go down to AED 2 for the month of Ramadan.

In order to ensure that supplies remain during this auspicious month, a system that includes a limit to how much each person can buy for bulk items will be implemented. This is so the stocks are not depleted and there is enough to go around.

AlFalasi ensured that a new high-tech system has been put in place, through which, an individual can only buy a certain number of the same item at discounted rates. If the individual crosses that set amount, the price of the purchased item will go back to the regular price at which it was being sold.


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