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UAE : The Land of The Cheapest Petrol

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UAE, a peninsula located in the persian gulf, is famous for its reasonable petrol prices all over the world, despite the fact that in recent times, there have been some complaints made by certain people about the prices of petrol. However, thanks to Carmudi, a global car selling classified website, these complaints have been debunked.

They ran a poll on the most affordable cost of fuel prices in eighteen marketplaces around various countries of the world.

For several months, the ongoing increase of fuel prices has affected motor enthusiasts a lot. In some countries, the petrol prices are at an all time high, while in others, they have decreased significantly.

According to the Data published by Carmudi, the average price of Petrol in the last three months was close to $0.47/liter.

UAE is a country where the daily income of a person can be $170 on average. And so, in this economy, the petrol prices are significantly cheaper and affordable for the common people. That’s why in that study, UAE is considered as one of the most affordable countries in respect to fuel prices.

Let’s talk about the countries where petrol is not that affordable. Congo, an impoverished country located in Central Africa, is one of the worst victims of this rising petrol price. In Congo, a motorist has to pay around $1.51 for a liter of petrol, which is depressing, because that $1.51 is more than 112% of their daily wage.

According to the study, the Middle Eastern nations provide the best fuel prices for their citizens. Qatar, another country of the Middle East, has the most affordable price of petrol. In Qatar, a citizen can earn around $380 on average, and they have to pay $0.26/liter for petrol. That’s around 0.06% of their daily wage.

Saudi Arabia, the big brother of all the Arab nations, facilitates its residents to buy petrol in $0.15/liter, which is actually 0.1% of the daily wage of its residents.

Although the perspective is not that bleak in all African countries. Nigeria is considered the biggest oil merchant in Africa. And it also has the lowest price in the African region. A liter of petrol will cost you $0.46 in Nigeria, which is roughly 6% of Nigeria’s average daily wage.

But things are not that easy in Asia Pacific. Indonesia has gone through a fuel subsidy cut in previous years, which is why its residents are paying 30% of their daily wage for a liter of Petrol.

Carmudi compiled this data after compiling various records from Statistical Bureaus and research think tanks. All the prices mentioned here are from this year, but Myanmar, a country of political unrest, has not yet recorded their ongoing fuel prices.

Motorists of the Arab region are very satisfied with their current fuel prices. According to them, it’s very affordable to keep a luxury car in UAE, as luxury cars are notorious for their fuel consumption.

The stable and low price of petrol is a sign of the economic well being of Dubai, as suggested by the study. In addition, various subsidies have also succeeded to keep the price in check.


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