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UAE should utilize the youth as a step toward economic success

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Endorsing business tactics and entrepreneurship among the youngsters should become the UAE’s top priority, if the country wishes to maintain a healthy and competitive economy. According to Yasar Jarrar, chairman of the Global Agenda Council on the Future of Government, crucial and resourceful sectors of a nation can become problematic if they are not looked after in the right way— and one such sector that needs to be rightly utilized is certainly the youngsters of the UAE.

He further expressed that the UAE, as well as other regions in the Middle East, need to pay special attention to the industry of education in their agenda of utilizing the youngsters in the right way. Under this agenda, the regions need to broaden their syllabus, include fascinating and new ways of teaching, and most importantly, introduce valuable subjects, such as business studies and entrepreneurship to the children from as early as they can. In this way, if the children know about the business environment from a young age, their potential can be put to the best use in later years, contributing to an economically brighter future.

It is to be noted that the UAE, Qatar, and Bahrain have performed remarkably in terms of growth recently, which indicates that these nations are fit to be pitted against any of the developed countries, and thus, they need to keep fueling their economies, create more career opportunities, and nurture the abilities of their youngsters.

Jarrar also adds that in order to keep up with the modern world, the governments need to keep the technology, the roads, and the health care laws updated and improved to provide their people and their change-makers with the most nurturing habitat. Meanwhile, the education sector of these Middle Eastern countries need to offer their people with the essential resources and aim to develop the proper knack in them, so that they grow and aspire to be excellent in what they do to serve their nations.


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