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UAE and Italy see major boost in bilateral trade relations

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Pisa business event features lucrative deals long awaited by traders of both countries

Recently organized ‘UAE days in Toscana’, a four day business event held in Pisa, Italy; which brought stakeholders of both the UAE and Italy onto a single trade platform. The event, organized for the improvement of bilateral relations between the two countries, came with long awaited trade opportunities and lucrative deals for traders looking to boost the future prospects of their business.

Maryse Gedeon and Giulia Pinzani; traders based in Dubai and Italy respectively, have been in touch for over three years- their interactions limited only to phone correspondence. However, the Pisa event has finally given the two an opportunity to have business discussions on an interpersonal level. Dubai based business owners Najah Hussain Al Muntafiq and Al Shekaili, who have been interacting with their international clientele for many years, shared similar experiences at the event.

Abu Dhabi based business firms Sistemaeventi and the Shaikh Khalifa Fund were the joint organizers of the event. This trade initiative saw the realization of Dubai based traders’ long cherished dream of interacting with the versatile client base in Italy. Many residents of the UAE have signed deals with entrepreneurs based in Italy for the very first time; hence, taking advantage of the opportunity to bond with clients.

Aimed at creating mutual cooperation and interactions between business firms of the two nations, around six hundred and thirty attendees visited the event coming in from UAE to Toscana, Pisa. Among the attractions of the event were four special endurance races in which UAE saw victory in all four. Maryse Gedeon, expressing joy in meeting another long term client, Mahesh, after four years of online interaction, told the Khaleej Times that he hopes to create strong ties with the wonderful pool of international clients in Italy; learning from the experience of interacting with them.

Entrepreneur Al Shekaili believes that praises are due for the government of the UAE for organizing such well organized foreign country visits for its business professionals, thereby endorsing business opportunities. He believes that entrepreneurs of both the UAE and Italy have gained much from the event, as interacting with buyers on a personal level allowed for better flexibility in price fixation. Hence, the possibility of middlemen’s price manipulation is eliminated. He further praised the UAE government for organizing these high profile business trips every year.

On the flip side of the coin, the event also saw a seminar on ‘How to Make Business in the UAE’ for Italian entrepreneurs. This also saw an overwhelming response, as more than one hundred businessmen from Italy attended the seminar.


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