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UAE’s Pharmaceutical Industry Witnesses Massive Success

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During the recent conference of international, regional and local drug organizations at the UAE Ministry of Health, the country was recognized as one of the most prominent drug providers in the North Africa and Mediterranean regions.

One major contributor in the flourishing of UAE’s pharmaceutical industries is Ittihad Drug Store or IDS, a leading organization that was conceived in the year 1968. IDS is a top-notch wholesaler of many different pharmaceutical products. The supplies of the organization reach not only pharmacies, clinics and hospitals, but also petrol stations, self-service cubicles as well as large supermarkets. This year, the store has shown a 28% growth in total sales turnover, while the extent of its target consumers bounced to 43% and it delivered over 1.3 million packages to the market.

They say that there is no better time than now to start living healthy, and this certainly rings true for the UAE, as the country’s central target is to provide her citizens with the essentials for a proper lifestyle. In an interview with Khaleej Times, Ahmad Tabari, CEO of IDS notes that with today’s enriching technology, people can excess a great deal of health-related information with just a click, as he sheds light upon people’s desire for leading a healthy life. However, the drawback is that because people can access such a huge arena of information, it can become a bit overwhelming and bewildering for them to make a careful decision about their lifestyle. Secondly, people tend to stay reliant on specific brands and have no knowledge about latest medical inventions from other companies. Hence, it should be the top priority of the pharmaceutical companies to guide lead their consumers into the correct direction, and provide them with the best possible service.

Tabari further pointed out that in the past ten years, UAE’s pharmaceutical industry has performed rather incredibly, with reaching Dh 7.4 billion in the last year, and a growth of 12% in the year 2013, owing to the progression of regional medical tourism, the compulsory health insurance policies and the increasing population, among several other factors.

So, since the UAE goes to such great lengths to make sure its drug providers are of the best quality, it is not surprising that the nation was recognized so prominently among international, local and regional pharmaceutical organizations.


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