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Turkey Has Seen a 25 Percent Drop in Tourism in October, the Lowest Drop in 7 Months

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One of the main factors that helps the Turkey’s economy every year is the tourism, bringing in a staggering $30 billion every year. However, because of the bombings that took place earlier this year, the tourism has dropped by 25%.

As per the official numbers, the total amount of tourism in Turkey went down by 25%, and for those who don’t know, this happens to be a pretty huge blow to country’s tourism, this is by far the lowest in the past 7 months. On the bright side, the tourists from Russia are finding their way back to Turkey thanks to the restored bonds between Moscow and Ankara.

Tourism brings in $30 billion in GDP every year for Turkey, however, the bombings that occurred this year have made the number to go into a decline, another reason behind the decline in numbers happen to be the attack that happened on the Istanbul’s central airport. The last reason behind the decline was a failed coup that took place in July, making up the reasons why Western European tourists stopped visisting Turkey.

The country also went through a decline in Russian tourists that would normally come to the country because of its famous beaches, as well as because of Turkey’s orthodox churches that go as back as the Byzantium ear. Russia and Turkey were not on good terms because Turkey shot down a Russian warplane that was flying in the Syrian airspace last year, however, in August, the relationship between both countries was somewhat restored, establishing in overall hope of proper tourism.

Deniz Cicek, who happens to be an economist at QNB Finansbank made the folllwing statement, “With the lifting of Russian sanctions it appears that side has to a large extent returned to normal”

With that said, getting the tourism back in its original shape would require a lot of effort from Turkey’s side.

Deniz Cicek also added, “It is necessary for security worries to lessen and that is dependent on geopolitical developments”

2.45 million is the total number of tourists that toured Turkey back in October, however, as per the official data, this number was a 25.79 percent drop from last year.

That’s not all, even the Russian numbers went into decline, and fell by 2.8 percent year on year in the previous month, the overall drop in Russian tourists was over 60 percent.

Germany and Britain are two of the main sources for Turkey’s tourists, however, both countries had a declining number of tourists visiting Turkey, and the percentage was over 30 percent.


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