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The ruler of Dubai established DCCA to promote creativity

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Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum named it DTMFZA, which refers to Dubai’s technology and free media zone, but now, it will be known as DCCA (Dubai Creative Clusters Authority). The VP did this to promote innovative communities in the UAE and to support its originality.

The present authority, which was also the previous authority of DTMFZA, controls all the free zones. Those free zones fall under the Tecom Investments and it is a unit of government, which is owned by Dubai Holding.

It is expected from the authority to increase the rate of creative companies of Dubai. The growth will increase by establishing policies which will grab the attention of creative activities in the UAE.

Development of the skill and size of the talent pool, advancement entrepreneurialism and originality, strong economic fund, maintenance of healthy relationships and workshops between the government and creative companies, scope for research, and brilliance and support will help achieve the aims, says the authority.

Moreover, the administration will continue to control the zoning rules, licensing, and visa for these free zones. The registered free zones are Dubai Knowledge Village, Dubai Design District, Dubai Internet City, Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park, Dubai International Academic City, Dubai Media City, and so on.

Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who is Dubai’s deputy ruler, is the Chairperson of DCCA, and Ahmed bin Byat was selected as the authority’s director general.

Byat says that the creative companies are growing fast. They are built out of a wide range of activities, which are used as a capital and as their main input.

He continues by saying that these companies are valued and skilled in the field of movies, gaming, architecture, and design. They have stable jobs and play an important role in promoting the creativity and growth. They have a crucial influence on the economy as well.

The main job of the administration is to take the creativity field across the UAE, to battle with other Middle Eastern countries and international companies. Dubai has been aiming to be a regional hub for fashion and innovation, as it looks to provide a platform for talent from turmoil-affected countries, such as Syria and Egypt.

UAE launched a 21 million square feet D3 (Dubai Design District) earlier this year, and this was the beginning.

This will be regulated by Tecom Investments, has a value of 4 billion ADH, and it had approximately 220 companies built up.

An announcement was made saying that the UAE will be the most creative nation in this world within the upcoming year.

Seven sectors will be emphasized to bring up the creativity. They are education, energy, health, transport, technology, water, and space; this was reported by state news agency WAM.


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