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Sharaf DG plans to increase their market, with the next target being Egypt

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After Egypt, Saudi Arabia will be focused upon too

As stated by Nilesh Khalkao, the CEO of Sharaf DG, a well-known electronics retailer in Dubai, the company has planned to establish their first Egyptian branch, with the expected time somewhere around the latter half of 2016.

He continued by saying that the store will take about 18,000 square feet of area in the Mall of Egypt. His focus was then extended to the current Saudi market and intentions to take advantage of its vast resources.

Riyadh and Jeddah were emphasized upon when Khalkao was asked about his base of operations in Saudi Arabia. Khalkao stressed on the adversities he might face on the new environment, so he plans to tackle this problem by introducing advanced machines, capable workmen and excellent advertising. He believes that if he can get the attention of the Arabians, he can easily succeed where most UAE brands have failed.

Even though all this is still in theory and not laid out to practice yet, Khalkao is hopeful. If the newly opened Dubai stores in Ras Al Khaimah, Sohar and Shindagha gain enough profit, he has nothing to worry about.

Sharaf DG has continued long rivalries with other big companies such as Emax, Jumbo and Jacky’s, and comparatively, Sharaf DG has shown significant results.

Khalkao represented his company’s success in terms of share holds. Compared to the 20% Sharaf DG has on the current rate of growth, they also have 40% where specialty stores are considered.

Sharaf DG has shown their outstanding innovation by introducing interactive screens in their Times Square outlet, which allow passersby and customers to view available products without moving around too much. They also successfully released their own lines of mobile apps and online shopping features alongside.

In related news, the electronics market in the UAE is expected to reach nearly 4 billion US dollars by the end of this year, as stated by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This increase has been tied into the general population’s sudden interested in handheld gadgets and latest devices.


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