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Setup a Representative Office in DMCC

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Setup a Representative Office in DMCC

The Free Zone and Government of Dubai Authority on commodities trade and enterprise, DMCC, has released a business setup proposal for companies worldwide to setup a representative office in DMCC. This offer gives international businesses a chance to arrange their representative headquarters in the best leading company hubs of the world with only five working days and a free trial period of six months.

Moreover, there is no upfront payment which means companies can discover the market ecosystem of Dubai without having to invest. Businesses can immediately gain benefits from the country’s geographic strategic location, which is at the junction of the domain. Furthermore, the country’s location enables it in the logistic network that is the gateway to different countries. The process of company formation in DMCC is completely digital and provides smart solutions to the businesses which help them in gaining access to the DMCC’s vast range of services from anywhere, anytime, and any device. Companies will also be able to benefit from the access to DMCC center facilities, a choice to sign up for family residency, and an opportunity to associate with companies with DMCC memberships through networking platforms. This offer is effective until December 31st, 2020.

Executive Director of DMCC Free Zone, Ahmad Hamza adds that DMCC has been quite successful in terms of dynamics and that the business district has been reformed due to it. Therefore, 18,000 businesses have signed up with the Free Zone. He further adds that due to this new proposal, they are more efficient and reliable than before in Dubai. Hence, are enabling access for growing markets. They are also trying their best to keep Emirate’s economy stable so that it is chosen for business purposes in the future as well.

DMCC plays a big role in keeping Dubai attractive for businesses around the world as a first-class market with facilities, infrastructure, business welcoming environment, and incredible services. The companies that have joined the DMCC have access to every key commodity and a lot of trading chances in every sector including; coffee, tea, gold, diamond, and precious stones. Furthermore, access to DMCC approved auditors, liquidators, and lawyers is also available within the free zone which makes it a one stop shop from doing business to obtaining every kind of service.

This offer came after DMCC was labeled as the Global Free Zone of the Year, 6th time in a row by a Magazine called Financial Times. DMCC also launched its largest commercial campaign in 2020 which is the Business Support Package that supports the existing and new companies in navigating challenges faced due to the pandemic. After seeing the positive feedback, DMCC has stretched the date of their package until December 31st, 2020.

Ever since DMCC’s formation in 2002, it has gained more than 18,000 international and local companies of different industries from trading, construction, aviation, to financial auditing and real estate companies. Hence, on average, about seven new companies join them every day.


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