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Qantas and Emirates’ Partnership Sees a Six-Fold Increase in Business

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Emirates continues to keep its eye on the US and China markets for future expansions.

The five-year deal with Qantas, closed back in 2013, has helped to bring in astonishing results for both Emirates and Qantas. According to one of the top Emirates officials, Qantas has reported an amazing six-fold increase in business.

Emirates’ Vice President for Commercial Operations of Australasia and the East, stated to Gulf News during an interview, that according to Alan Joyce, chief executive of Qantas, the partnership with Emirates has recently reached its two year anniversary and that business has been noted to increase six-fold in comparison to its previous partnership.

Following this partnership, Qantas shifted its main center to Dubai. Surprisingly, due to an increased rate of Australian footfall, tourism has also increased in the UAE.

According to Brown, Qantas’ decision to move their center from Singapore to Dubai has helped them in their goals while also helping Dubai in the tourism and economy sector. Both sides’ customers love this partnership and it has been termed as a beautiful marriage, right out of heaven!

Mr. Brown further stated that the future plans on expansion for Emirates in Australia, could include another 14 flights every week. However, presently, there is just the right number of flights. The Airbus A380 was launched recently, going to Perth. As the economies grow, expansions will naturally take place.

In the present context, the airline’s main focus is on the airline market in the US. Last year, there were launches in Chicago and Boston. This year’s target is set for Orlando.

In reference to an allegation made by a few US airlines against some of the Gulf carriers, which include Emirates, Brown stated that they have not subsidized in any way. They continue to aim for further expansions on their network within the US. This has been their strategy for several years and it will not be changing in the near future.

In the Asian Market, China remains a market of great interest for the airline industry. Great attention is being paid to expand Emirates into the Chinese market, and talks are ongoing between Emirates and the Chinese government. Other Chinese carriers are observed carefully, with Hong Kong being added recently. Brown remarked how they are exerting their best efforts in trying to bring the airline to new heights.


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