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Ministry in the UAE Suspends 14 Quarry and Crusher Operators

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The decision to suspend 14 crushers and quarry operators has come after an evaluation on all of the quarries and crushers in the UAE in regards to management, regulations, and installation.

The Ministry, which sets regulations for Environment and Water, mentioned that it has suspended its authorization to operate 14 quarry and crusher operators in different Emirates for having violated regulations. The ministry has also added that they will remain suspended until they are able to adhere to them.

Secretary Assistant under the External Inspection Sector, Said Mohammad Al Shara, stated that according to the Cabinet Resolution number 20 of 2008, plants that are in violation would be stopped for anywhere from 1-3 months and will not be allowed to resume their work after this time period unless they can prove that they are meeting the required standards. If plants are discovered to be violating regulations for over two times, on the third time, they will be ordered to close down permanently. All of this was following the Ministry’s decision of maintaining new evaluation standards.

The termination is also in agreement with the UAE Vision 2021, plus the guidelines to build a maintainable environment for both the future and present generations, grounded for valid state laws on quarries and crushers.

Mr. Al Shara also stated that the conclusion had been stimulated by the non-adherence of these services with the Ministerial Resolution number 567 of 2014. This resolution aimed to regulate the industrial facilities within the quarrying and crusher locations, and seeks to guarantee that their management, actions and activities are all following environmentally responsible standards. The activities, in this case, help protect public health and mitigate the negative effects on the environment, as opposed to bringing about environmental hazards.

He further noted that the External Audit Sector under the Ministry has yearly evaluations of the quarry and crusher activities and operations. During these evaluations, a series of both announced and unannounced visits to the field are conducted in order to check on the facilities’ adherence to the environmental laws. This evaluation comprises of making reports, which include images, measurements, and evidence that help make the right decisions in synchronization with local authorities. Such a process is in line with Cabinet Resolution number 20, 2008, which sets regulations on the procedures of quarries and crushers in addition to the shipping of their goods as well as Cabinet Resolution number 24 of 2011, which sets regulations on the laws pertaining to plant activities taking place under the cement industry.

The Assistant Secretary also added that these violations were due to non-adherence by the companies and management concerns in regards to essential maintenance of dust collectors and equipment, recorded discard of dust, fumes, and industrial waste that causes serious risks to the health of residents and poses potential threats to the atmosphere and environment at large.


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