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Jobs Abu Dhabi Portal Witnesses Impressive Success

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With the enriching technology, it’s no shocker that more and more people who are seeking jobs are being connected to their prospective and present employers online. The JAD Portal (Jobs Abu Dhabi;, the leading and most widely successful employment website, is a definite proof of that.

How fruitful is this website? It is fruitful enough to capture the attention of more than 107,433 aspirants in the year 2015, among many other achievements. A few of these achievements of the well-known online recruitment planet include scoring 613,872 enrolled job hunters, 15,571 job placements, 4894 employer enrollments, and a whopping 11,068,099 sum of visitors. On average, the website places 3,000 jobs each year, and now, the employment website can be accessed by 155 countries.

Throughout the years, since JAD’s conception, it has been instrumental in assisting top employers from different countries to connect with a large number of both global and local aspirants belonging to a variety of professional fields, and these employers have been successful in finding just the people they required. As a result, JAD has become a favorite of many residents. The ADSIC, along with its international partners and Human Resources professionals, has been working closely with JAD for over a number of years to expand the requirement website. They are targeting to create a wide-ranging digital planet of employment, with special attention on generating various custom-made services for both government-owned and new private businesses.

The senior manager of the e-Government services at ADSIC, Dr. Ahmed Al Hashimi, notes that in the online world, JAD is definitely a remarkable contributor to the economic success of the emirate. He is also quick to say that the website is successful in creating a close connection between the job hunters and the prospective employers in a way that the satisfaction needs of both these parties are met. The platform also gives people easy access to the conditions and operations of the business world, and allows them to make a direct effect. He also encourages both government and private employees to take advantage of the resourceful recruitment website, since the opportunities it offers are unparalleled. So, JAD has undoubtedly become a gem in the employment sector of the emirate.


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