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How to Find a TRN Number of a Company

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How to Find a TRN Number of a Company

The TRN, Tax Registration Number, is a 15 digits number that is attained after the registration of VAT of a business which helps in differentiating it from other companies. VAT, Value Added Tax, is a form of indirect tax that is applied to the acquisition of services and goods. The UAE VAT Law is being strictly implemented as it has increased revenues of the government to enhance public welfare.

Value of TRN in United Arab Emirates

The Tax Registration Number is a distinctive number of 15 digits that is allotted to companies when they apply for VAT Registration in UAE

  • It enables better communication amongst the purchaser and supplier of services and goods when preparing any documents related to taxes.
  • Gaining a TRN Number is beneficial for a company that is trying to get back the taxes paid on purchasing goods produced by the company while handling the final merchandise.
  • An individual with TRN Number Verification can recover paid VAT in situations like;
    1. If VAT has been paid for facilities like electricity and water for commercial use, then it can be repaid.
    2. VAT on business costs can be recovered by a buyer of assets.
  • According to VAT law of UAE, a company needs to mention its TRN Verification related to all tax documents like;
    1. Tax invoices by the vendor
    2. Registering VAT earnings for a business
    3. An organization’s Tax credit records
    4. As per regulations, documents mandatory to identify TRN.

TRN/VAT Verification, UAE

A TRN number for a business can be used to confirm the reliability and validity of the VAT registration. In Dubai, a tax manager can help an individual in verifying any data of a tariff listed company that is in UAE. Though, to utilize services like these, an individual needs to be mindful of the TRN VAT verification in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Through this process, an individual gets enough help to know more about the right TRN before handling a transaction or arranging a tax statement for the company they are dealing with. Initially, this tool was restricted, however, recently the government allowed citizens to verify TRN through 3rd parties.

Advantages of employing a Tax Manager for TRN Verification

1. Might have connections with FTA, Federal Tax Authority

Tax managers have connections with organizations like the FTA, so accurate information can be obtained quickly.

2. The Process of VAT registration is facilitated

A tax manager has the power to help eligible companies in registering for VAT, with a simple process.

3. Assistance in obtaining TRN

The TRN is processed when a company registers for VAT. However, it can be delayed in the process, therefore through a tax manager, you can get rid of delays and obtain your TRN on time.

4. Assist in the verification of VAT TRN

Tax managers can provide assistance in the process of verifying TRN. The process makes sure that the company is paying VAT and that the corporation charging that VAT is legally registered.

5. Assist in the de-registering of TRN

This process is difficult, but with the help of a tax manager, the process can be simplified to provide quicker results.

6. VAT Consultants, DUBAI

Due to the latest introduction of Value Added Tax, various inquiries regarding the tax system have risen. Therefore, it is advisable for businesses to not only apply for VAT but also to consult with experts to avoid any issues in the future. Since the methods of TRN and VAT registration and verification have changed, it is better to consult with experts for a smoother ride.


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