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How Much do UAE Residents spend on Personal Care… millions or billions?

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Personal Care in Dubai

The world has come to know about Dubai’s huge economic growth in the last few decades. UAE residents are the ones experiencing the greatest benefits due to their country’s surge in wealth. It comes as no surprise when UAE residents’ are found to be passionate about spending on personal care products increasingly every year. This is primarily due to the constant increase in the middle-class shopping and improved goods being offered in the markets.

Last year alone, UAE residents spent nine percent more on products related to personal care opposed to other departments. Researchers have estimated that there will be another half a billion dollar increase in spending in the next five years on products under grooming, cosmetics, hair care, skin care, oral care, and so on and so forth.

The country’s population stands at 9.34 million, with each UAE resident spending on average around Dh567 per year on such products. This will go up to Dh785 in the next five years if the population remains the same.

Dr. Iyad Hijjawi, who is the Regional Business Consultant for Mena and Turkey, for Euromonitor International, is reported to have said that in five years’ time, more than $500 million (which is equivalent to Dh1.83bn) will be added in the sales market, which will help generate $2bn in sales by 2019.

He also mentioned that if one were to look into the sectors and the spending habits of the genders, the proportions of spending on hair care and fragrance of both the men and women is almost the same, while under skincare, women spend much more, around 95 percent. Whereas for grooming products, surprisingly, men are the top consumers.

The use of cheap products has decreased substantially due to recent government policies related to selling illegal products. Compared to five or ten years back, the market of illegal products stands at 5-10 percent.

Dr. Hijjawi also publicized the upcoming ‘Beauty World Middle East 2015 Exhibition,’ which is set to run between May 26 to 28, 2015, at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

This exhibition will include 1,450 participants from 60 different countries and it will cover 48,600 square meters of space (this will be 9.5 percent bigger than the previous one).

The upcoming 20th edition exhibition will correspond with the promotion of a three-day educational showcase, emphasizing the newest developments and protocols in the local beauty industry. The conference will also feature prominent North American and European educators who will bring the latest skin and hair education and practices to the Dubai exhibition.


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