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Growth observed in Abu Dhabi Ports

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It was reported on Sunday by the authorities of the Abu Dhabi port that an increase of 41% has been measured at the Container Terminal of the Khalifa port from January to July 2015.

The figure was announced with much enthusiasm in comparison to last year’s first seven month analysis of a total of 549,000 TEUs, revealing that in excess of 772,000 twenty foot equivalent containers were controlled during the time period.

Mohamed Juma Al Shamsi, the CEO of Abu Dhabi Ports, was reported to have stated that the reason behind the success of Abu Dhabi Ports in handling such heavy traffic and record loads throughout their transportation market and the ability to handle cargoes is mainly due to how efficient the operational system has become and due to adopting next-gen technologies that facilitates and ensures the smooth running of all the processes.

The rapid rise in polymer exports is one of the reasons that the company has seen such progress. Furthermore, transhipment activity, especially in the Gulf region, has added to the numbers and facilitated the rise that has taken place.

Previously in this year, all roll-on-roll-off were redirected towards the Khalifa port. This used to be directed towards the Zayed port, but had to be transferred thanks to the expanding markets related to the automotive field in the UAE. The general cargo handled by the ports along with the bulk cargo saw an increase of 21%, reports state. This means over 8.71 million freight tons of cargo has been handled by Abu Dhabi ports in the time period of the first seven months.

The redirection of business towards the Khalifa port increased volumes by 11%. However, the port which is now in its first phase of construction, has the capability to accommodate around 350,000 vehicles in a year. The port, however, can handle 2.5 million TEUs. The Khalifa Port is also able to foresee the handling of twelve million tons of cargo.

Ports in Abu Dhabi also oversaw 19 agreements being undertaken this fiscal year so far by both local and foreign investors at Khalifa Industrial Zone (Kizad). Adearest – Polar, SIDDCO Group, ben Ali Safecare Medical, and Schmidt ME Logistics, are among the investors who have signed these agreements.

Kizad is also home to over 80 investors bought from within the United Arab Emirates and foreign countries, who have set up their logistics bases here. Among the companies invested on by these investors, nine will be completely constructed and should be able to start their operations later this year.


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