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Gargash sees great prospect for luxury vehicles in 2015

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Plans on releasing three new models of SUV all set to take the market by storm

The market for luxury vehicles in Dubai has great potential this year, predicts the car dealing giant, Gargash Enterprises. According to a senior official, the company is ready to launch three premium models of Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) by the year’s end.

General Manager of Gargash Karl Johan Sandesjo made an official announcement mentioning names of the new SUV models expected to take the automobile market by storm this year. These are- GLC, C 45 AMG Sports, and the GLE Coupe. By releasing these exclusive vehicles, the company expects to hold on to their positive growth trend in the second half of 2015.

In the early half of this year, a whopping four thousand passenger vehicles have been sold by Gargash, said the General Manager. This outstanding volume of sales is the driving factor behind a sixteen percent increase in the AMG car sector, which is a fifteen percent compared to last year.

Karl Sandesjo also believes that the luxury vehicle demand is still on the increase and expects further sales in the remaining quarter of the year with the release of C 45 AMG and GLE 63 Coupe SUVs. He attributed the launch of models GLA, AMG GT, and CLA for the exceptional volume of sales in the first half of the current year.

Satisfied with the expected double digit growth seen in the first half of the year, the company aspires to keep this positive streak going. Their focus on the satisfaction of customers has helped them win the trust of their target client group along with their constant support. This has fueled the company’s progress and was a driving factor behind achieving professional goals.

Earlier this year, Gargash has proudly unveiled three new Mercedes-Benz car models, including the GLA, CLA, and AMG GT. They want to maintain their positive momentum by releasing models GLC, GLC Coupe, and C 45 AMG Sports.

The company further wants to target the much awaited Dubai International Motor Show to be organized this November, in order to be a part of the increase in sales for all automobile dealers of the country during the duration of this event.

Answering a question of the interviewer, the General Manager promises luxury vehicle enthusiasts some heavy duty entertainment SUVs packed with the latest features.

Regarding the inclusion of green technology alternatives, hybrid and electric cars in their luxury vehicle line, Sandesjo further said that Mercedez-Benz hybrid vehicles are already available and subjected to the special orders placed by their valued customers. As of now, there are no plans for electric car orders, however, he promises prompt introduction of these much coveted eco friendly vehicles.


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