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Fetchr funds $11 million worth of deliveries

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All the clients in the Middle East are riddled with the ever-present worry of being able to deliver packages properly, safely, and on time. E-commerce companies are always stuck finding improvements to the method, especially where no formal delivery address is stated. These companies know very well that the line between a successful delivery and an unsuccessful one is what defines the difference between profit and ultimate bankruptcy. Compared to other countries, this problem is more prevalent in the Middle East.

Faraz Khalid, the man behind Namshi.com, the online clothes retailer, states that until the customer has been handed the product, a sale isn’t considered complete. That is the process of most sales that happen around the world.

Worry not, noble businessmen. Fetchr, a brand new app developer in the lands of Dubai, has graced our presence to bring forward a powerful platform to increase the rates of delivery across the states. E-commerce firms can now offer better customer services and advancements in venture capitals. Fetchr has been such a success that it has successfully allowed funding of $11 million in Silicon Valley.

Joy Ajlouny, the co-founder of Fetchr, explains the in-depth mechanics. Using GPS signals and co-ordinates, Fetchr utilizes the connection to and from a customer’s phones to provide more detailed information to the sellers. This makes the product easier to be handed out and delivered without a hitch. Idriss Al Rifai, the other co-founder, added that Fetchr has already reached 98% completion in delivery rates, and has been utilized as far as 10 meters away of accurate ranging.

Fetchr aims to bring better e-commerce business to local retailers, and as was further stated by Ms. Ajlouny, the inspiration was the stable American e-commerce situation. Even though customers seldom provide the attention needed, Fetchr plans on invoking connections for better engagements from both sides. Ms. Ajlouny was raised in America, and has founded a footwear-based US e-commerce venture known as Bonfaire.

Statistics were further provided by Ms. Ajlouny when she pointed out that on average, $1,000 to $5,000 worth of orders are made in the region itself. Even using efficient and large shipping companies, the packages did not reach the desired destination.

The lack of formal addresses in the Middle East is the main culprit here, as stated by both Ms. Ajlouny and Mr. Al Rifai. Mr. Al Rifai is a born Iraqi who grew up in France, and was the victim of this same ordeal. Markavip, an e-commerce firm in Dubai, was his employed location, but he had to soon leave to contribute in building Fetchr.


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