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Exposition 2020 in UAE aiming at the enhancement of FDI and Real Estate

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According to the founding partner of The Links Group, Exposition 2020 is the international stage for B2B golden chances.

United Arab Emirates is now a better and grander spot for international companies as a business center, after passing its successful year in association with Exposition 2020. The scopes of further development and better growth are substantial within the range of expo, and Milano Expo 2015 and Expo 2010 Shanghai are good examples to point out the vitality of innovations in building up a working and easy-to-access field by the enhancment of infrastructures. Investment is boosting up and the importance of foreign investment is coming forth.

Through the Exhibition organized in 1851 by the UK, the World Expo endeavoured to make business connections stronger, reflect on cultural diversity positively, and spread technological developments. The expo came forth from the need of international continuality and also the desperation of the global civilization to acquire it. Expos of the current age are directed by the principle of ‘global awareness to all humanity’ despite the urgency of business and technological developments.

The Better City theme of Shanghai Expo 2010 depicts the gradual growth through the lens of Better Life, which sheds light on the sustainability of urban areas and environments. The themes of Milano Expo 2015 were “Feeding the Globe” and “Power for Life”, which carries on this concept by handling matters related to the field of agriculture, the eradication of poverty, and the boost of stable and continuous development.

Within the period of four years, the UAE’s Expo 2020 will turn into the first continuous exposition in the world. It will bring forth three varieties of international advancement, namely sustainability, flexibility, and chance through the overpowering concept of Connecting Minds and “Feeding/Nourishing the Future”. It will depict its transformation into an eco-friendly city in a feasible manner.

Countries will soon be short of time to apply this style. Most probably, the UAE is going to infuse this model as an outcome of their well planned scheme and tendency of leadership, which will result in Exposition 2020 marking the UAE as a remarkable milestone in the pages of history. It will become the role model of promoting eco-cities as the ideal mode of configuration.

The world expos undoubtedly propose the endorsing country with an exquisite international stage, but the scopes of trading and exchange are not apparent enough. Yet, the building and legacy will prove to be enormous from the economic perspective and from the outlook of creating a diplomatic capital. Primary predictions point out that, the financial effect infused by Expo 2020 Dubai in the period from the present to 2021 will touch the milestone of almost €17.7bn.

Expo clearly offers the hosting country a strong international stage, trade, and business scope. This is not immediately obvious, but it is worth around €17.7bn. A huge amount of this will stay inside the region, which will result in the creation of approximately 275,000 job opportunities.


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