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Expo 2020 Dubai now in Paris with awaited Update

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An update was shared by the Expo 2020 in Dubai with the BIE in Paris on Tuesday. BIE is an intergovernmental agency in charge of supervising the companies of the World and International Expo in Paris. The team has updated us just before the submission of the registration.

This is an important part, this need for the official nomination, as this is the very first Global Expo in Asia (South), Middle East, and Africa.

Manal AlBayat, the vice president of engagement for Expo 2020, said that they are happy with the features they have, which they are confident will carry out an extraordinary Exposition. They were successful in forming a strong administration, and they created the interest to host the first Global Expo in Dubai, and they also developed a powerful organization and a plan.

Ms. AlBayat presented the comprehensive overview of the imminent registration document to the General Assembly. This report will have policies, structure (organizational and working), strategies, plans and narrative ideas.
Ms. AlBayat adds that the submission of the comprehensive report presents comprehensive and specific plans which will be implemented for Dubai Expo 2020. The Expo 2020 will carry out the goals and will come out with an outcome which will change the UAE and its neighbors and will definitely leave a strong impact on the general authority of BIE.

Projects as ‘For Everyone’ campaign, national participation, and the logo design event continue to build consciousness among the people to present a fruitful and impressive Expo 2020 Dubai. This was highlighted by Ms. Albayat.

Ms. Albayat also says that from the beginning, the team recognized the important role the people of the nation played in every stage. Not only in winning, but also in carrying out a successful Expo.

Transparency is the root of Expo 2020. Ms. AlBayat reassures the BIE that all the aspects of the preparation of Expo 2020, from the workers, engagement, attainment, and the detailed processes are being established only to deliver and welcome the awaited event, Expo 2020.


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