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ESR Filing Portal Guide

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Economic Substance Regulations Filing (ESF) Portal Guide

Gain Access to the ESF Portal

  • In order to access the portal, you must have
    • An already existing MOF corporate account
    • The above-mentioned account’s credentials
  • If you do not have an MOF corporate account, you can register for one by following this link:

Initial Login

  • After you login to your account for the first time, you will be taken to the submittals page
  • Once on the submittals page, you will be prompted to launch a new notification by selecting the “send notification” option

Licensee Dashboard (Main Page)

  • The licensee dashboard is the main page of the ESF portal. Every time you login to your account, you will be taken to this page. You can find an overview of all forms submitted by you on this dashboard, along with their latest status. Through this dashboard, licensees can do the following:

You can change the information being shown on the dashboard by selecting the following buttons:

  • Submittals Button: this will provide an overview of all related submissions and their relevant appeals/penalties
  • History Button: this will provide information on all historical periods of the logged in account
  • Send Notification: this button will let you create a new notification form that you can fill and submit to the authorities


The dashboard provides the following information:

  • Licensee: you can find the name of the entity that submitted the ES report and notification under this column
  • Case Type: for each submission, the applicable case type is listed in this column. There are a total of 4 types of cases:
    1. Notification, Economic Substance Notification
    2. ES Report, Economic Substance Report
    3. Penalty, relevant penalty issued for ES Report/Notification
    4. Appeal, any type of appeal filed or fileable by the licensee
  • Progress Codes: the current progress status of each case type is listed in this column
  • Date Submitted: You can find the date on which your submission was last updated here
  • Respond: the respond button lets you take an applicable action against every submission:
    1. File ES Report: clicking on this button prompts you to fill an ES report and submit is. This option is available only when an Economic Substance Report has to be filed against a submitted notification
    2. Request for Amendment: clicking on this button lets you request revision and resubmission of an ES Report/Notification that you have already submitted
    3. Resubmit: clicking on this button lets you resubmit a revised notification/ES Report or provide any additional information that has been requested from you
    4. Pay Penalty: clicking on this button lets you pay any outstanding penalty
    5. File Appeal: clicking this button lets you file an appeal
    6. Deadline: the deadline for every applicable action is listed in this column

Progress Codes

The following progress codes can be found in the progress codes column mentioned above:

Progress Codes Description
Awaiting Report Submission You are required to submit an ES Report
Form Submitted You have re-submitted an already submitted notification/ES Report, or provided additional requested information
Amendment Request You have requested an amendment in a previously submitted notification/ES Report
Action Required You are required to provide additional information
Rejected A notification/ES Report submitted by you has been rejected by the authority
Deadline Exceeded You have not taken the required action within the specified deadline
Penalty Due You have been issued a penalty
Penalty Paid ou have paid off an issued penalty
Appeal Submitted You have submitted a request for appeal
No Appeal Submitted No appeal has been requested by you
Appeal Deadline Expired You have not submitted an appeal within a specified time period

Access Your Case Summary

You can click on the “View Summary” button to access each relevant case type’s history. This is also applicable for:

  • Submissions and re-submissions
  • Related correspondence (such as additional information provided)

FAQ and Support Section

You can find the FAQ and support section in the page’s footer section.

  • The FAQ button redirects you to the MOF FAQ page
  • The helpdesk button with direct you to customer support. You can contact our support using this email as well:


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