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Ernst & Young’s New Intelligent Delivery Platform for SAP

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Ernst & Young’s New Intelligent Delivery Platform for SAP Makes Cloud Integration for Businesses Simple and Effective

Ernst and Young’s innovations have been a core component of businesses looking to organize, plan effectively and generate exponential growth. With their new Intelligent Delivery Platform for SAP, EY is looking to further boost the capabilities of teams to help businesses implement an effective cloud strategy, complete with comprehensive yet uncomplicated cloud architecture compatible with all the SAP modules

It is now undeniable that the world after Covid-19 will look very different from the one that preceded it. Businesses now have to contend with employees working remotely as the new normal, and an agile cloud migration strategy is crucial to ensure growth in this new landscape. Cloud integration can help remote employees collaborate effectively, and can spur significant innovation despite current obstacles. Teams combining their SAP expertise with the new EY Intelligent Delivery Platform can make the migration simple and intuitive for clients, thereby making clients adaptable enough to weather the difficulties of today.

The EY Intelligent Delivery Platform also provides solutions based on specific industry requirements through an analysis of market trends and tendencies. Businesses looking to facilitate a transformation based on the aforementioned trends can be assisted through the use of this platform through the expertise of teams possessing years of experience with SAP consulting.

The platform is also meant to support in resource planning and allocation, creating annual road maps that can be customized based on the needs of the client. Through the use of this platform, teams can help in the optimization of core processes and the creation of business cases, along with eliminating much of the confusion that can come with the highly technical cloud integration process. A shift to cloud deployment is necessary to reduce the hassle of on-site deployment, expensive ABAB developers, and to avoid the impracticalities such things will bring in the post Covid-19 world.

This platform’s alignment with RISE for SAP makes it an extension of innovations that clients are already familiar with, and it joins the dozens of other offerings that EY incorporates into its SAP Business Technology Platform suite which has made the organization an industry leader for clients looking for consultations and business transformations. EY’s portfolio offers a host of innovations in risk management, industry solutions, and tax and finance forecasting and management, committing itself fully to the task of SAP S4/HANA Cloud transformation for clients. The features of SAP S4 HANA have changed the dynamics of the business world. Considering all the new SAP implementations will be done via S4 HANA, EY’s initiative is to make the cloud integration easier and simpler is commendable. 



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