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Emirates Jobs Attract 400,000 Applications a Year

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Working in the Airline Industry

The airline industry is in high demand in today’s economy. Working as a part of the cabin crew is one of the most sought after jobs today, due to the facilities affiliated with it. The ability to visit different countries, the opportunity to meet new faces, experiencing something new on each trip, and at the same time, getting paid for it; no wonder it is a dream job for so many youngsters!

However, with greater facilities comes greater competition in acquiring what is sought. Every year, thousands of applications are sent in from people hunting for jobs worldwide. These applicants range from fresh graduates to highly experienced individuals.

Emirates is one of the most established and renowned Airline Industry in the aviation market today, and hundreds of thousands of job seekers apply every year. This makes it increasingly challenging for the deserving candidates to be picked out and set aside from those who are not deserving.

According to a report released by Emirates for 2014-2015, they receive over 400,000 applications every year, that too from all around the globe. Out of these 400,000, only less than 5 percent are selected, standing at 8,600 new employees.

Executive vice president for the Human Resource division of Emirates, Abdulaziz Al Ali, was reported to state that job seekers are pulled towards and attracted by Emirates due to its economic stability, sustained success, and growth.

He mentioned how deserving candidates expect to work in an international atmosphere with colleagues from all different backgrounds along with a bright career prospective in a stable and mounting company.

Just this February, Emirates broadcasted that with the company’s expanding success, they will be hiring over 11,000 new employees this year alone.

A number of cabin crew assessment days in numerous countries around the world, ranging from countries in South Asia (India), Europe (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary), South America (Argentina, Brazil), and North America (Canada) have been scheduled.


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