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Emirates Extends the Validity of Tickets

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Emirates Extends the Validity of Tickets up to 24 Months

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) has caused huge problems for airlines, most of whom have had to ground most or all of their planes. This has resulted in millions of passengers demanding refunds for canceled flights.

In these difficult times, the Dubai based airline Emirates has come forward and is offering its passengers a two-year validity on all tickets that were booked before 31 May 2020, for travel on or before 31 August 2020.

The airline is currently operating only a few select flights due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, with most of its fleets and routes grounded.

Emirates said on its website that all its passengers who booked tickets and then decided to cancel the booking due to Covid-19 would be able to travel on a later date and that too for no additional charges.

The airline said that if a passenger decides to keep his/ her ticket then we will extend the validity of that ticket to 24 months from the date on which the booking was originally made. The amount of fare you paid to the airline for the booking originally will be accepted for any other flight to the same region at any time during the validity period with no additional charges.

For example, if you originally booked a flight for Paris, it can be rebooked for London for no extra charges.

The regions covered by the Emirates airline include Australasia, Africa, Europe, Gulf, Far East, Iran and the Middle East, Indian Ocean Islands, West Asia, South America, and North America.

The airline further said that the passengers canceling their flights would not be required to inform the airline.

Emirates further explained that the validity of all tickets booked before May 31, 2019 has been extended for up to the next 2 years so you can give us a call to reschedule your flight whenever you are ready or want to travel again during this period.

The airline is also providing its passengers with an option to convert its booking into a travel voucher. The value of the travel voucher would be equivalent to the original booking amount.

The validity period for the voucher will be one year from the issue date, with an extension of another year permitted. The voucher can be used for flights and other Emirates products/ services up to the value allocated to it. The voucher can be used throughout the year for multiple transactions.

There would be no change in the fare amount when you will rebook within a 24-month validity period if you keep your ticket or with the travel voucher.

The airline also confirmed that passengers that are unable to travel during the validity period can request a refund.

Emirates just like other airlines in the world has been hit hard by the impact of the restrictions on travel due to Covid-19.

As per a report by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the airline industry worldwide needs government aid totaling between $150bn and $200bn if it is to survive the financial impact of this ongoing pandemic.



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