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Dubai: The Heart of Medical Assistance

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The medical industry of Dubai indicates an income of AED 778.5 million, just in the first four months of the year, a remarkable growth from the AED 652.7 million three years back.

The emirate is making its mark as a preferred medical center for local residents and people from all around the globe.

The fact that approximately 118,727 people from both abroad and the UAE paid a visit to just 16 of the Dubai’s biggest hospitals out of the 1,400 medical centers, is a definite proof of the enormous popularity of Dubai’s health care facilities.

The emirate has already surpassed its target for 2020 of having half a million visitors in their hospitals. Shedding light on the hot topic of medical tourism in Dubai, Layla Al Marzooqi, a representative of the Dubai Medical Tourism Office, as well as the Health Regulation, expressed immense positivity in her chat with Gulf News. Al Marzooqi gleefully stated that moving forward, she sees remarkable growth in the returns of medical firms. She was also quick to point out that those returns will represent a good 0.33% of Dubai’s GDP.

Al Marzooqi further added that she expects the returns of AED 778.5 million from health care facilities in the first four months of the year to reach significantly bigger heights by the end. Meanwhile, for the second half of the year, Al Marzooqi hopes that the returns would include every hospital in the emirate as well as many of the ambulatory care clinics.

These ambulatory care clinics are health care facilities where both general and specialist examinations and treatments are available to outpatients. Unlike hospitals, ambulatory care clinics do not offer operative or surgical care. These clinics offer services of medical specialties, such as neurology, dermatology, cardiology, and gynecology among many others.

The team of Dubai’s health care facilities is ecstatic and highly positive about the fact that more and more visitors are leaning towards their city for medical assistance.

The emirate will soon surpass its profit target for 2016, and hopes to surpass its 2020 target of AED 2.6 billion by a remarkable 20%.


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