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Dubai Chamber and Google Launch Digital Business Solution to help SMEs in the UAE

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The Dubai Chamber and Google have collaborated to launch ‘Business Online Presence’, a digital solution that has been designed to help business establishments operating within the UAE in managing their online reputation and presence, attract new clients and maximize visibility.

This solution was launched during a webinar that was conducted by Google and the Chamber. The event was attended by several members of the business community, including representatives from many business councils and groups.

The members of the Chamber now can access the solution’s dashboard to build and verify profiles of their businesses across different locations on Google Maps as well as Google Search. These online business profiles feature important details such as address, opening and closing hours, contact details, and photos, etc. Business establishments can also post promotional packages and other offers during special occasions and seasons.

This tool can also generate a score for each and every business entity with regards to its reputation management and online readiness. Members of the Chamber, can use the aforementioned dashboard to access timely insights such as store visits, engage with clients through online reviews, and identify operational and other issues/ challenges a lot faster. This program also helps businesses in learning new digital skills that are essential for growing and maintaining an online presence.

Hamad Buamim, president of the Dubai Chamber, said that the dashboard is a reliable and versatile business tool that can help businesses in seamlessly managing their online reputation, activities and presence. This platform has been designed to help local businesses in attracting new customers that are actively looking for specific products and services.

He further added that this initiative also supports the Dubai Chamber’s efforts to accelerate the digital transformation of businesses operating within Dubai, expand the digital economy of the emirate as well as increase its economic and financial competitiveness on a global level.

Lino Cattaruzzi, Google’s MD in the Mena region, said that COVID-19 has made it clear the importance of digital tools and solutions in enhancing business entity’s ability to navigate through difficult times – with a particular impact in specific business sectors such as tourism and retail. For this reason, we are happy to offer SMEs operating in Dubai with a tangible solution that will help them in growing and managing their online presence.

This solution is the product of the Dubai Chamber’s long and successful partnership with Google which has helped thousands of business establishments in the UAE with regards to establishing their online presence. This partnership also comes under ‘Grow Stronger with Google’ program, initiative launched by Google to help in the economic recovery of businesses in the Mena region through programs, tools, and grants. The chamber with the help of Google, aims to continue helping SMEs operating in the UAE.


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