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DMCC all set to become a popular illustration of innovativeness and originality

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CEO of DMCC gleefully claims that in the span of the last few years, the firm has performed remarkably in terms of growth, and so, it is all set to become a well-known arena for innovativeness and trade, involving a team of the topmost contractors in the industry.

One project that most greatly contributes to and is a definite proof of the excellence of DMCC is the Burj2020 district. This district will most likely have the tallest trading tower to ever see the light of the day, called “Burj2020.”

It will also have seven other towers, including entities of residency, retail, hospitality, and commerce. In addition, the destination will have amenities, such as airports and ports, cargo services, sole ownership of properties, convenient spaces for offices, and easy access to metro stations.

The main monument, “Burj 2020” is likely to have a circular surveillance deck on its highest floor, although the constructors cannot confirm its height yet. The team behind this development contains two creative geniuses: Gordon Gill and Adrian Smith from AS +GG.

The duo designed the Kingdom Tower of Saudi Arabia, while Smith led his expertise to the present tallest tower in the world, Burj Khalifa.

It is quite clear that Gill is ecstatic with how magnificent the expectations from “Burj 2020” are turning out to be. He thinks that such expectations are a result of Dubai’s dedication and passion for the field of tower building.

“Crucial factors, such as solid interaction between the communities, the implementation of the correct technology, and the proficient use of space and sustainability are what builds the designs in Dubai, which is why it is such a great architectural inspiration and trendsetter for the others”, comments Gill.

Gill’s partner, Smith, further adds that the city has reached newer heights of creativity and novelty when it comes to tower design. He genuinely believes that the developers of Dubai have the right tricks up their sleeves, and he cannot wait to see what their next trick will be.

The launching of the Burj 2020 district brought massive success to the doorstep of its developers, DMCC, making it the center of attention in terms of enterprise and innovation.


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