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Digital Transformation called for by ADNOC

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Digital Transformation called for by ADNOC

According to Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), the organizations that did not give importance to going digital before the pandemic, are doing it now.

Recently, at a virtual panel held by AVEVA, an industrial and engineering software firm, ADNOC advised the organizations to develop their technology strategies and focus on investing in different energy firms and platforms.

Technology strategies require collaborations with strategic partners and cannot be done alone. These types of strategies need to encourage and support R&D capabilities in order to innovate properly. This is important because it reduces risks linked to the commercialization of technologies.

This panel consisted of representatives from the energy sector like; Wood PLC, ADNOC, AVEVA’s CEO, and DCP Midstream. All the participants discussed the importance of technology and the role it plays in achieving optimization and getting better decision-making strategies.

AVEVA highlighted the chance for the growth of digital transformation within the industrial sector. In the past, this has not been done properly.

Cloud, AI, and Digital Twin are working on better collaboration and enhancing autonomous projects worldwide. In order to enable long lasting sustainability and digital resiliency, organizations will need to come together and connect their workforce with big data, edge capabilities, and cloud. Although there are opportunities and pressures, there is a single digital imperative.

Wood’s CTO pointed at Digital Twin as a main enabler to; maintain, optimize, and operate assets across the world in a precise manner. While keeping people connected with their workplaces during COVID-19, automation and AI are facilitating design upfront, which allows people to concentrate on complex developments.

The worldwide pandemic pushed everyone in the industrial sector to use digital platforms overnight and rely solely on them.

Overnight, the demand for faster, smarter, sustainable, and safer technology increased.

DCP Midstream said that the company aims to pursue digital transformation in order to achieve real time decision making and optimization. By using the best data available and creating a safe platform for employees, the company aims to improve overall asset maintenance as well.


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