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Commercial Compliance Manual issued by Dubai Economy for Merchants

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Commercial Compliance Manual issued by Dubai Economy for Merchants

The CCCP; Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection sector in Dubai Economy has recently released the Commercial Compliance Manual in an effort to ensure competitiveness and the best practices across the emirate for business activities.

This manual emphasizes on five main elements that are to be followed by all merchants. The purpose behind this is to keep everything transparent while dealing with concerned authorities and consumers. The five elements discussed below are a part of the touchpoints that have been listed in the manual. This is to increase the protection of the rights of merchants and consumers, moreover; for the ease of businesses.

The Director of Commercial Control in CCCP, Abdul Aziz Al Tannak, says that the Commercial Compliance Manual comprises of the most important conditions and elements that should be in the knowledge of merchants so that they can implement them. He further talks about how merchants should be cooperative with control teams and competent inspection so that success can be ensured in the system.

Five Elements:

In the manual, five elements of operating a business have been listed. These include; storefront, consumer care, the facility’s location, the Dubai Economy inspections, and the shop’s activity.

Merchants should weigh their focus more towards fostering a habit of flexibility when dealing with customers. This will help in improving the shopping experience of the consumers in Dubai. Therefore, one thing to note is that communication is the key that leads to customer trust and loyalty.

Merchants should avoid marketing their products and services outside of their shops, as it disturbs the pedestrians. Furthermore, they should make sure that their policies regarding the exchange and purchase of products, among other things, does not clash with the protection laws for consumers. These laws are to be displayed near the cashier counter or at any other prominent spot within the store. Another thing to note is that the prices displayed on the shelves should be the same as the ones on the invoice.

The manual also states that businessmen should document the conditions and terms of a customer’s purchase in a document signed between both sides or on an invoice. Additionally, merchants are to abide by all the information on the services and products that have been mentioned in the announcements of the company. Moreover; avoid any practices that might violate regulation and laws, for example; selling counterfeit goods or misleading the customer.

Clarifying the Warranty:

Merchants are obligated to make clear the warranty details and their validity on all services and products. They must also document these transactions through involving or other forms of documentation between the merchant and consumer. Also, consumer complaints are to be dealt with the help of consumer protection authority, therefore, merchants are to cooperate.

The manual prominently mentions the storefront as the most attractive element for potential customers. Therefore, the validity of the information displayed on it, and its visual presentation is important. The manual further highlights the need for proper signage of the front, with the store’s name mentioned clearly in Arabic as well. The storefront should not have more than fifty percent tint, a permit should be obtained before adding more signage and only trademarks that are permitted should be used.

Constant Monitoring:

CCCP monitors outlets in Dubai, to make sure that businesses stay sustainable and a good environment is provided to consumers and merchants. The manual appreciates the efforts of CCCP by instating foundations to around 2,921 commercial ventures to ensure sincerity, transparency, and honesty.


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