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A New Record for Real Estate Transactions in Dubai

Real Estate is a precious commodity in Dubai. It is no secret that this thriving city has very little land left to spare. There have already been a number of projects that have tried expanding the city’s surface area. However, this does not mean that Dubai’s real estate market is running low on business. In[...]
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VAT Registration Deadlines Extended in Bahrain for Phase 3

From the first of January 2019, the government of Bahrain has begun taking steps to levy 5 percent Value Added Tax (VAT). Bahrain is following the UAE and Saudi Arabia’s steps in an effort to diversify their economies. The government aims to make this introduction in a step-by-step manner to ensure a smoother transition for[...]
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Small Businesses Versus a Growing Plague; Corruption

Small businesses always have a tough time competing against larger entities. They simply do not have the resources to put up with these giants. Fortunately, there are rules and regulations in place to ensure a leveled playing field for everyone. But what happens when these rules and regulations lose their value? When people with money[...]
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Income Tax Information for Overseas Pakistanis

Among the various class of taxes lies the Income Tax, which is the amount of tax imposed over the individual or an entity where both these are classified as tax payers. The tax determination is carried upon the value of profits or income generated by an individual or the organization in terms of their profits[...]
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Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants

The professional accountants have professional development as a vital aspect that needs to be maintained while they carry their usual productivity. These elements of the ethical behaviour are categorized under the name of the Corporate Code of Ethics or Code of Conduct as preferred in different regions. The ethical aspects ensure that the output is[...]
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Artificial Intelligence and Accounting Industry

How AI will Change the Accounting Industry What does the Future hold in store? What will be the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the accounting profession? AI was purposefully designed for boring, mind-numbing tasks; it handles these better than any human, because it works 24 hours per day, doesn’t get tired, doesn’t miss things,[...]
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Super Effective Accounting & Financial Management Checklist

EXCEPTIONAL FINANCE CHECKLIST FOR YOUR BUSINESS A company needs to be profitable in order to thrive and be successful, and whether it is a small and medium sized entity or a large listed company, having a team of qualified accountants is integral to determining whether the revenue earned is more than the expenditure incurred by[...]
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