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Dubai is center of attraction among the international visitors

International tourists placed Dubai in the fourth position among the places that they want to visit. This information was revealed by the MasterCard Destinations this year. The UAE expects to welcome around 14.3 million visitors, which is 8% more than the previous year. Since 2009, a list of 132 most visited countries has been published[...]
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With Low Oil, Prosperous Abu Dhabi Tightens its Belt

The extremely wealthy Abu Dhabi is set to tighten its belt as the price of oil drops and affects its export incomes. This alludes to how the wealthiest Gulf economies are not free from the effects of low-cost oil. There is no direct economic pressure on the 24 million residents at the moment. Having backed[...]
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UAE, the Home of Most Millionaires

As indicated by ‘New World Wealth’, UAE will be the quickest developing GCC nation in terms of the performance of millionaires in the following 10 years. Saudi Arabia and Qatar follow UAE in this field, and Jordan is said to be one of the quickest in this field of millionaires over this period as well.[...]
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Rising from the lowest depths: A Merchant’s Way of Life

It is expected that traditional banks are going to be the in-thing again after the unfortunate efforts of investment banks and the likes Personal connections and private finances just don’t cut it anymore for merchant banks. Once considered a powerful system of capital finance, merchant banks have turned to a disappointing state in the recent[...]
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Dubai hotel room rates register biggest decline in over four years

Dubai’s hotel services experience their greatest lull in over four years, as the Emirate’s expanding supply of hundreds of attractive eateries entices visitors far from the posh, costly dining options at hotels. Meanwhile, in Egypt, the tourism industry registers notable successes. Since much of the populace presently prefers spending their time and money at usual[...]
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Ministry in the UAE Suspends 14 Quarry and Crusher Operators

The decision to suspend 14 crushers and quarry operators has come after an evaluation on all of the quarries and crushers in the UAE in regards to management, regulations, and installation. The Ministry, which sets regulations for Environment and Water, mentioned that it has suspended its authorization to operate 14 quarry and crusher operators in[...]
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AED 27.5m for a Luxury Villa in Emirates Hills

Summer has arrived in the bustling city of Dubai, and a summer pool party can be the perfect retreat to beat the heat in this season. There’s nothing more satisfying than being the proud host of a pool party; that too, held at a luxury villa in Dubai’s happening Emirates Hills neighborhood! Priced at AED[...]
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