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No good news for the hotels of Dubai this summer

The hotel charges of Dubai still continue to drop. During the summer, the performance of hotels in Dubai is always low, and it was a tradition till 2014. But the performance has dropped to anxious levels as the price of the dollar has become stronger and the euro has become weaker. Also, Egypt was rediscovered[...]
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Expo 2020 Dubai now in Paris with awaited Update

An update was shared by the Expo 2020 in Dubai with the BIE in Paris on Tuesday. BIE is an intergovernmental agency in charge of supervising the companies of the World and International Expo in Paris. The team has updated us just before the submission of the registration. This is an important part, this need[...]
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Dubai is now looking for new sectors of business

Dubai is looking for business not connected to the oil sector. Meanwhile, the manufacturing or construction business was doing well. A report in May shows that the construction field is strong in terms of both productivity and the development of employment. The activity of this field in terms of private or small business can be[...]
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Price of Around 3,500 Food Items Fixed in the UAE Before Ramadan

The UAE’s food ministry stated that it has contracted a deal with shops and stores across the UAE to offer reductions going up to 70% during the blessed month of Ramadan on around 4,700 food items that are on the list of the most essential. The Ministry of Economy stated that it has set prices[...]
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Dhs220m Payment to be Made by Nakheel on Sukuk Profit

The payment based on profit will be given on the 15th of June, 2015 to all of sukuk’s holders in the amount of AED 4.4 billion. Nakheel, a well-known developer in the UAE, has sent the paying agent, the registrar, and the Deutsche Bank specific instructions to have the payment given on the 15th of[...]
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DIFC to expand its workforce to get in the top ten

Dubai sets its goal to grab a position in the top ten by tripling its work force. In the next decade, the expanded workforce will help to hold the position in the global top ten lists. This expansion promises new and better contributions. Dubai was in the 23rd position, with the top three global financial[...]
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