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Study Shows: Net Electronic Transaction Rises By 14% In Ramadan

UAE expenditure saw 17% increase in the month of Ramadan as well a 7% increase in case of foreign visitors It is evident that the people of Dubai have been buying smart for their Eid preparations this year. Findings from a new study suggest that the overall electronic spending via cards have increased 14% in[...]
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New finance zone offering new possibilities

Abu Dhabi is showing improvements in regional banking, thanks to the newly opened financial zone that has recently announced to be open for business. The process, however, requires legal obligations, such as draft laws, containing management of funds, information, market operations, and the enforcement of all these rights. These draft laws are open for public[...]
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Fetchr funds $11 million worth of deliveries

All the clients in the Middle East are riddled with the ever-present worry of being able to deliver packages properly, safely, and on time. E-commerce companies are always stuck finding improvements to the method, especially where no formal delivery address is stated. These companies know very well that the line between a successful delivery and[...]
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UAE : The Land of The Cheapest Petrol

UAE, a peninsula located in the persian gulf, is famous for its reasonable petrol prices all over the world, despite the fact that in recent times, there have been some complaints made by certain people about the prices of petrol. However, thanks to Carmudi, a global car selling classified website, these complaints have been debunked.[...]
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3D Printed Buildings: A New Frontier for Dubai

Dubai has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. So it is not surprising when an initiative is taken for the “Museum of Future”. This initiative proposes to build and modify architectural prototype buildings using 3D printers all over Dubai. As of now, Dubai is planning to build the first ever 3D printed[...]
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The UAE is facing steep changes in GDP and deposit growth sectors

IMF April 2015 outlook states interesting falls and rises in numbers Due to an increase in the loans taken by the private sectors, it has been said that there has been a near 3% lending growth for banks in the UAE during January to April this year. The deposit growth has been incremented to about[...]
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Construction and Transport Industries Flourish in 2014

Small and Medium scale industries in the gulf encounter fabulous successes More and more workers have entered the transportation and construction industries as of the last year, and $9.4 billion (AED 34.5 billion) were spent on the medium-sized factories, as well as $6 billion (AED 22 billion), which were spent on the smaller plants, as[...]
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New Supreme Branded Hotel Tower Launched in Dubai by Damac Properties

The latest project under the luxury property developer, Damac Properties, in Dubai, is an 826-key lavish residences tower and a lavish hotel located on the Shaikh Zayed Road. The project is estimated to be about 64-storeys in length. It will contain a sky lobby inclusive of views of Dubai downtown, a rooftop with a swimming[...]
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Abu Dhabi airport sees passenger traffic take off

After Doha, Abu Dhabi is the latest GCC city that is using its location and networks to become a leader in the global aviation sector, especially in the amount of air traffic that it attracts. The numbers, both in passengers traffic and cargo traffic, have seen substantial growth, and this is good news for Abu[...]
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