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At Expo Milano, UAE Pavilion Considered as Distinctive

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According to the Italian ambassador to the Emirates, one of the UAE’s pavilions this year at Expo Milan, has been acclaimed to be one of the most organized, attractive, and distinctive so far.

The design, image, and message that the pavilion portrayed to the participants and guests attending the world’s fair, were all praised by Giorgio Starace.

Starace mentioned in an interview given to the news agency, Wam, that this participation by the UAE will help contribute in boosting the number of tourists to the UAE from Italy as well as from other countries.

Tourism is an essential platform on the UAE’s economy and has contributed significantly in recent years.

He also added that the UAE’s participation not only emphasized its recent achievements, but also brought forth outstanding preparations for Expo Dubai 2020.

The pavilion has shown popularity with the Italian people, with the host country providing extensive media coverage of the unique nature of the exhibition.

Mr. Starace defined relations between Italy and the UAE as brilliant in all fronts.

Relations between these two nations are especially close on the trade front, with Italian exports coming into the UAE reaching a staggering 6 billion euros in 2015 so far. In addition to this, 6,000 Italian companies are presently operating in the Emirates along with others in free trade areas.

Considering the figures, it is no surprise that the UAE is Italy’s main partner in trade in the Middle East.


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