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Arabian Business Entrepreneurs Clinic: Networking

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Every entrepreneur requires an ongoing assistance. With different dimensions of the business and to master, untangle and understand them, taking advice from an expert is necessary and not just an option.

Taking this business aspect into consideration, Arabian Business has taken an initiative to provide the emerging entrepreneurs with one on one valuable suggestions and for this purpose they have coordinated with the area’s most successful and prominent leading businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Mr. BadrJafr, serial entrepreneur of Emirates and Crescent Enterprises’ Chief Executive Officer, represents the Arabian Business Entrepreneurs Clinic and answers the important queries that concern them.

BadrJafar is the President of the Crescent Petroleum, the managing director (MD) of the Crescent Group, the founding member of the United Nations (UN) Pearl Initiative, member of the Synergos Arab World Social Innovators Program Board of Governors, founding board member of Endeavour UAE, board member of Education for Employment and much more.

BadrJafar is recognized as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and is the vice Chairman of the Global Council of Energy Security. Also he’s been the board member of the Young Presidents’ Organization. In addition, he has been actively involved in the advanced education and much more business development projects.

BadrJafar will select few of the most confusing, pressing and common questions from Arabian Business’ inbox on monthly basis whether it is related to staffing, licenses, funding or any other problems relating to maintaining and starting new business setup.


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