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Arab Women to be Awarded for Excellence

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A prestigious occasion was held in Dubai on November 28, 2014 where many Arab females were awarded for the leadership skills they possess.

The event is known as ‘GTF Awards for Excellence Gala Dinner’ and is conducted annually. During the year the event was held at the Madinat Jumeirah. The event was a social dinner of a global non-profit think tank (Global Thinkers Forum) for development and growth of leaders of new generation.

The event was held in collaboration with DBWC (Dubai Business Women Council) and was titled as “Arab Women as Change makers: A Celebration of Achievements”. The purpose of this event was to highlight the leadership skills of Arab women.

The president of the DBWC, Raja Al Gurg, received the award for leadership Excellence. She mentioned that DBWC is pleased to participate in the event as it represents women in the business world of Dubai. She added that it is necessary to support the Arab females as change-makers and provide opportunities for expats to work in collaboration for the greater economic development.

A live musical performance was presented by the music director of The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia at the occasion where people from civil society, governments and business world gathered and shared ideas.

The originator of the Women’s Museum UAE, Dr. Rafia Ghubash, also received an award for gender equality. She said that social media and press target Arab women these days. She stated that this shows the restricted knowledge of western society. It is our duty to change that perception and present them the true picture. She further shared her experience of interacting with the people of West and said that they get surprised with her level of education while simultaneously maintaining her traditional looks.

The CEO of the GTF stated that the objective of the GTF is to encourage the innovation, creativeness and create platforms for the promotion of excellence.  In the end she mentioned that it was an important event to recognize the leadership and innovative skills of Arab women.


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