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Another Achievement for UAE: Yas Mall wins

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The winner of the “Best international shopping center” was at a shopping center; a brand new market that beats other retail destinations by giving a hard competition. It was announced on the 10th anniversary of the Global RLI Awards 2015, and this award was hosted by a magazine named Retail & Leisure International and was held at Meydan Gallery.

To win, the Mall needed to have an exclusive and admirable customer care, a variety of fashion trends, a modern mode of entertainment, and last but not the least, food and beverage. Moreover, the structure and design of the shopping center, the keeping of the Mall, and most importantly, the sanitation was also taken into account. The newest addition to shopping malls, both nationally and internationally (China and Turkey) beats every shopping company and wins the stiff race.

The Chief Development Officer of ALDAR Properties PJSC, Talal al Dhiyebi, said that they were very happy to have won this prestigious award. To him, it was a compliment to the hard work of the team dedicated to building Yas shopping center and the consumers. He further adds that, this has shown the high standards that were achieved by the shopping center from the very beginning.


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