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Airports of UAE see an investment of AED 120 billion

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Aviation sector expected to contribute to Dubai economy $88 billion by the year 2030

Last year, the airports of Dubai worked overtime by handling passengers totaling above 101 million; which includes 71 million passengers alone from the International Airport of Dubai. The fruits of this labour of the aviation industry have brought about an investment of a whopping AED 120 billion. President of the Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) as well as its Chairman, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum brought this refreshing news for the overall economy of Dubai.

Also holding multiple important appointments, such as Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Group, Emirates Airline, and World Central Corporation Dubai to name a few, Sheikh Ahmed opined that these investments were made only to meet the ever increasing demand of cargo and passengers in Dubai. This has enabled UAE to emerge as the most ideal travel hub of the world.

The official bilingual newsletter of DCAA via Dubai, in its freshly released June edition, included this message by Sheikh Ahmed. He also believes that the Dubai airline industry, by dint of Emirates and flydubai’s massive addition of fleet and extensive development of the airport, is currently on a firm pedestal.

He added- “With the aim of making Dubai’s aviation sector a chief contributor to its economy, billions of Dirhams have been invested in the field by our stakeholders. Our unmatched success in this industry shows, as there has been a remarkable transformation of our airports, which is also an indicator of its organized management. We believe in striving for the future rather than basking in our achievements of the past, hence, we work round the clock in Dubai. It is working its way towards becoming the international travel hub of the 21st century.”

World Central in Dubai is set to become the largest airport in the world by the year 2022, which will include Al Maktoum International Airport as a chief constituent. Upon completion, the newly built DWC airport will have the capacity of handling 220 million passengers. By 2017, there is to be a planned expansion of Al Maktoum’s passenger terminal, which will increase the passenger capacity to 26 million per year.

Dubai International Airport will witness the opening of Concourse D this year, which is included in the expansion scheme of $7.8 billion. This will enable the airport to facilitate 100 million passengers every year, getting Dubai ready to host the third largest event after the Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup Football- the World Expo 2020.


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