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After 7th of July, Hotel and Tourism Sectors are facing ‘quick rebound’ in Dubai

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After 7th of July, Hotel and Tourism Sectors are facing ‘quick rebound’ in Dubai

The market response has given Dubai Tourism a lot of encouragement with their recovery strategy. This was activated with the slow resumption of sectors of the economy. Along with this, the tentative and staggered start of tourism and travelling has resumed as well.
The bookings of FlyDubai and Emirates Airlines have also taken a full swing; Emirates will cover seventy destinations, whereas FlyDubai has confirmed sixty-six destinations in summer.

This development has made people more well informed and optimistic, which is why they are preparing to enjoy holidays in safe destinations and are focusing on their safety and health protocols.

Something emerged in July that has changed the mood of the world during Covid-19’s peak time, when people had become more cautious than ever. The industry of tourism had to face the heavy burden of limitations on cross border and domestic travelling.

The pandemic is estimated to cause a loss of between $3.3 trillion and $1.2 billion in revenue to the sectors related to global tourism. The amount of lost revenue depends on the pace at which the world will recover from the pandemic.

During Dubai’s pause phase, Dubai Tourism’s focus was more on ‘repositioning and planning’.

Furthermore, they re-thought the plans and strategies of working with partners and stakeholders by developing innovative initiatives that could deal with the current circumstances. By negotiating with important authorities, they mapped out precautionary measures and health protocols that could assure the safety of demanding tourists.

Dubai would be able to see good progress in the near future with their development on strategies.

Due to the effectiveness of proper management by authorities, there has been a significant decrease in infection rates and a significant increase in recovery rates. This is how the city was able to reopen for tourists on the 7th of July.

The chief of tourism added that United Arab Emirates’ quick decision making, methods and strategies in dealing with the pandemic resulted in this great development. Dubai was able to stay strong and optimistic due to the roles played by relevant partners like FlyDubai and Emirates, who facilitated the growth of tourism by building trust in their customers about their safety. By following strict protocols and showing the tourists their concern, the airlines were able to restart their services.

By continuously assessing the situation and taking relevant steps to assist the industries, Dubai expects to see positive impact for the rest of 2020. They plan to further strengthen their strategies for steady growth.


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