Abu Dhabi to Host Prestigious Great Audit Minds Conference

Abu Dhabi to Host Prestigious Great Audit Minds Conference

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Abu Dhabi to Host Prestigious Great Audit Minds Conference

In an unprecedented move, the GAM conference will take place outside of the United States. Abu Dhabi has been chosen as the host city for this prestigious event, which brings together leaders in internal audit. This highly anticipated conference is scheduled to take place in November, as announced by top officials.

Abdulqader Obaid Ali, the Chair of the United Arab Emirates Internal Auditors Association (IAA), emphasized that the first-ever regional Great Audit Minds (GAM) Conference is scheduled to occur in the UAE’s capital city from November 6th to 8th. The event will be hosted at the Hilton Abu Dhabi Yas Island.

Ali spoke to reporters during a press conference, expressing the anticipation of creating history within UAE. He conveyed the honor felt in hosting the pioneering Great Audit Minds (GAM) Conference in the country. With the conference being established in the United States for the past 44 years, the decision to expand it beyond the US borders was a carefully planned process, taking one year to complete.

Abdulqader Obaid Ali expressed that the upcoming GAM Conference is a significant milestone in the realm of governance for sustainability. With the theme “Igniting Thinking of Sustainability,” the conference aims to emphasize that sustainability is a collective responsibility. Ali likened the role of internal auditors to that of doctors within the organization, working diligently to ensure its sustainability.

Anticipated to draw together an assembly of over 1,300 decision-makers, industry leaders, and influencers worldwide, the event will serve as a platform for leading businesses as well as thought figures to converge. Through captivating discussions and presentations, these distinguished individuals will delve into cutting-edge subjects including artificial intelligence, innovation, sustainability, ESG, among others.

To drive industry innovation, the coordination of the Great Audit Minds (GAM) Conference involves a collaborative effort between the DCT – Abu Dhabi, esteemed strategic partners such as Protiviti, PwC, EY, and other leading audit firms. Additional support from the Arab Confederation within the realm of Internal Auditors in Saudi Arabia underscores the commitment to fostering innovation in the industry.

Highlighted by Mubarak Al Shamisi, the significance of the Capital being chosen to host distinguished global business gatherings is underscored. He emphasized that this selection serves as a strong validation of the destination’s authenticity and reputation.

The debut of the GAM Conference adds significant value to Abu Dhabi’s collection of business occasions. Our role as the host for this event underscores the immense trust in Abu Dhabi’s favorable infrastructure and exceptional facilities, further solidifying our standing as a world-class destination for global events. This partnership with the UAE Internal Auditors Association is expected to establish a durable alliance, drive ongoing progress for Abu Dhabi, and enhance the overall experiences for our esteemed guests.

According to the most recent report, Abu Dhabi clinched the leading position within the region by hosting the maximum count of in-person gatherings arranged by global associations in the year 2022.

Spanning across three days, attendees will engage in interactive sessions led by over 40 global and local experts during the conference. These experts will share valuable perspectives on current industry trends, sustainable practices, digital transformation, and emerging ideas within the realms of governance, fraud prevention, risk management, and other relevant areas.

Ali expressed that the conference represents the UAE’s unwavering commitment to sustainable development and global cooperation. The event provides a rare opportunity to acquire insights from esteemed individuals and drive substantial transformation.



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