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Abu Dhabi Police to Get a New Car to Increase and Promote Awareness

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Only seven units of the cars named ‘Lykan Hypersport’ will be produced and then they will not be continued in production. The price of these cars matches this fact as well, as each of them is worth $3.4 million.

Recently, a remarkable dazzling car was introduced by the police department in Abu Dhabi. This was done to increase consciousness in the society and to promote proper traffic culture among the sectors of the society. This is also to encourage the younger generation to follow the traffic rules while driving and to reach the aims of both the police and the security system.

This mesmerizing car is soon to be exhibited by the police. It was made under the supervision of a Lebanese Company named W Motors, and it will be exhibited in various Arabic attraction centers, such as tourist locations and shopping centers all around Abu Dhabi. Moreover, this car can be seen in the Fast and Furious 7, as many scenes of the movie was shot in this area. One can see the lurking architectural designs of the Emirates, a variety of movie spots, the beautiful and rich nature, and the practically cosmopolitan roads and infrastructure along with the car.

This car, which was made specifically to create awareness, is all equipped in the Abu Dhabi Police Patrol. This is a totally distinct approach towards raising awareness within the people, and it will establish new ways and ideas. This was said by the Chief of Traffic Safety Section and the Traffic and Patrols Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police, Captain Ahmed Abdullah Al Muhairi. He also said this is a modern approach, as it binds the traditional thinking to compromise with the newer and more interesting way of establishing new, socially centered steps. Also, full participation in sports programs, social programs, and cultural programs will be ensured.


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