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Strategic Partnership between AAA and ACCA

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Strategic Partnership between the UAE Accountants and Auditors Association and ACCA Supported by the Ministry of Economy Will Develop the Country’s Chartered Accountant Certificate.

An event was organized by AAA (the UAE Accountants and Auditors Association), ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and United Arab Emirate’s Minister of Economy (His Excellency Eng. Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansoori). At the event an agreement was signed between organizing parties, formulating a strategic alliance, for the development of UAE chartered accountant certificate that will assist the government’s efforts to encourage the qualification of local nationals.The signed agreement is an extension of MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) established in November 2013.

As per the agreement the new qualification will be based on ACCA qualification. Hence it will be internationally recognized and will make its members eligible for both ACCA and AAA membership. The structure of the qualification will include examination, ethics module and practical experience requirements.

The chairman of AAA,Saif Bin Abed Al Muhairi, said that theglobalexpertise of ACCA, local knowledge of AAA and the state’s vision to shinein financial capabilities are current foundations for success and growth of finance andaccountancy profession in UAE.

The president of ACCA, Martin Turner,stated that ACCA is pleased on signing the agreement with AAA and is looking forward to work with the professional body which it respects a lot. He added that due to growing and diversified economy, UAE significantly requires finance professionals and we are delighted to support the growth of profession.

He continued that ACCA feels honoredto support the idea of UAE’s government to be regional leader in financial services and to encourage qualification of local nationals.

The Head of Chartered Accountants Committee of AAA, Ahmad Darwish, said that the qualification that will be formulated from this partnership will result in opportunities for the future generations of UAE to make their state a leading finance services provider in the region.

In the end, the CEO of AAA BasselNadim said that we are in good position to work jointly with ACCA for the development of finance profession in UAE.

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